Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ever Young

 I love how sometimes certain moments, situations can transport you from where you are now;mentally...o.k, yes, when you feel AGE-ED in your years, to any given year of a much more youthful time and it just feels like you are there again...or that you truly are of that age.
Just a few of my favourite things to return to... making snow angels, riding a bicycle through a great big puddle; legs out!, swinging; upon a park swing-just to be clear, wearing headphones while singing out loud and not really caring or noticing that you are singing so loudly, eating candyfloss at the fair-no concern for dentistry!, tobogganing and shrieking all the way down the hill, skinny dipping; o.k, it's really not so many years ago I first tried this...OMG, nothing like it!  The smell of a fresh cut Christmas Tree...and no spray product can match it, laying in the yard on a favourite blanket reading Archie comics, campfires and smores,  filling the car and heading to the drive in, Eating snow...and not thinking about all the yucky stuff that is likely in it!,  hanging with a group of your bestest and laughing; 'til you cry...or pee a little(snort), singing and just being silly all night long-'til you really can't talk/respond in a coherent manner beyond a grunt. I've gotten a little carried away but below, another poem written some time ago.  
Makes me think of ON Golden Pond Ethel Therman goes out to pick berries she does a little dance and song while she most certainly will have done hundreds of times over the course of the years and while she has grown older the memories linked to the song restore her youth instantly!

 Ever Young by Cathy Nevin
Tender feet dance on morning dew,
Breathing the air of an early day.
Eyes closed tight taking it in,
Arms spread as though in flight,
While a gentle spring breeze caresses by.
Joyful moments fill the soul the body ever light,
Ever a care melts away, only happiness abounds.
Dreams are true as feet dance on air,
Youth restores a weary soul.
A smile flits across her face,
Dew laden grasses and sunbright morning skies her many years erase.

You're already there.

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