Monday, November 12, 2012

Part 1 Getting the Skinny on my skin!!!

Photo Cd in hand and ready to share...o.k, with a Dermatologist ONLY, I finally have my appointment with the Dermatologist today!   I'm almost giddy with excitement, well perhaps not quite, but this appointment was made months ago and apparently that's the way it goes.

One week ago I had an appointment with a photographer at Lakeridge Health, for a "Mole Mapping" session!   Hmmm sounds intriguing at least doesn't it?   Not your "Glam Shots" kind of session but as important in relation to what's been happening in my life as the usual photo shoot is to the resume of an actor or celebrity.     It wasn't so bad and surprisingly didn't find myself at all nervous once in there.   There was the photographer and a hospital volunteer who was pretty cute in her manner and had a great sense of humour.   I think looking back, that the photographer was more nervous than I.   He was a gentleman and explained everything from the get-go.   My Oncologist will have a cd for his records and I will have mine.  

From the photos my dermatologist can view each mole and then exam them in their actual location on my person, assess and from here we will both make note and compare any future changes with these lovely little spots.   I have one which may raise some level of concern and a possible second one that she too may feel the same about, but we will soon know.   I know all too well, even if there is anything to be concerned about I won't necessarily know today but will have to wait a couple of weeks!   I don't think I will ever get used to the waiting!

I've been to this dermatologist before but the nature of this visit is very different than my last visit;  so many changes and in what seems like a very short time period.
The story continues...stay tuned!   : )

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gathering topics and ramblings of late return soon!

I haven't written in a couple of weeks now, but DO have many a thought filling my head so will get back in the next couple of days!   There is much happening, and plenty for me to ramble on about, though I hope it doesn't come across as rambling!?  
I know there are times as one/I, roll into a subject/conversation and one thought leads to another, leads to another and yet another!  One certainly does not mean to but in the excitement, amazement or simple pondering of initial topic of conversation, it happens!
Having noted this I shall do my best in delivering in a non-rambling fashion!
See you soon!


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