Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shingles....the Non-roofing kind.

When something truly awful suddenly becomes the lesser of evils because you've experienced something of the unimaginable and survived it
Today I trodded off to the walk-in clinic.  Initially I had thought the pain I was feeling was from a less than stellar bra, rubbing me the wrong way, but even in changing for another, it made no difference, the pain continued.  One never really wants to be correct in making self diagnosis, especially when it is a most unpleasant diagnosis and today there was no feeling of triumph in being told, "Yes, it is Shingles!"!    Well, you may only feel good in knowing it isn't anything MORE serious.    Shingles, that thing you've heard so much about and generally respond with, "Wow, I hope I never get them!".    I got them.

Rest, meds and time will find me feeling better and while I'd like to think 'yay' I have them now so I'll be done with them, apparently you can get them again!    My own Mom has had them twice, so there we go.    It's only the very worst when I am falling asleep and waking up!  Oh well, when you're a little paranoid about a cancer recurrence, I can be, today I am thinking "So it's shingles...I'm still surviving the game!".

You're already there.

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