Sunday, March 23, 2014

If the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit!!!!

I've never thought of my feet as pretty...well at least not after about grade nine, when it seems I sort of actually began to grow.   I often have "foot envy" when seeing the cutest petite and oft' stubby feet on women; summer making it painfully obvious I was not gifted such visually enjoyable feet.

With a recent visit to my doctor following up on concerns for a possible outer foot "bunion", creating a new and awkward looking shape to the baby toe and along that side of right foot, a conclusive statement was verbalized.

Upon describing the pain and how I felt that outer portion of my foot presented rather oddly, my doctor said, "Yes, unfortunately you don't have great feet.".
Now I know she made this observation/comment from a medical point of view, I couldn't help but take it a little differently...personally!    I might venture to say I felt like one of Cinderella's ugly step sisters! I would not be wearing the pretty little glass slippers!
I left the appointment feeling...well, De-Feeted!!!  

** I see a Chiropodist tomorrow morning...right after seeing my own doctor again for something that happened to my left ear during our flight home from Florida.  Left ear, right foot, ...oh dear, time for a total refurbishment!   LOL!   ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

...Going South in a good way, Miss Georgia and Miss Ontario meet!!!...counting down!!!

Seven days from now I will be sitting in the su.... Oh wait, I will be sitting beneath an umbrella or at, oh, maybe "barside" sitting beneath a cabana with feet dangling in the pool!   I might have said "in the sun" and I may be a little but I promise that will happen only after I have slathered myself in spf 60 or greater.   Heading to Florida with two very lovely people we've known for a long time!  They have been kind enough to ask us to join them!
My hubby will be laying in the sun, possibly with drink in hand and any and all tensions slipping away; slathered up well with spf 60 or better of course!

While that alone is amazing and we can't express our appreciation enough and then they kindly offered to make it possible for something really wonderful to happen.
You will have seen the post about "Ruth and I", well one week from tomorrow Ruth and I will be meeting each other after 15 years of corresondance!

Pretty exciting after sharing so much with each other over the years via email then facebook, exchanging mailing addresses and then finally a meet up in Georgia!   Today I went to the town hall and picked up pins from the town of Port Hope to give Ruth and her husband and hope that one day perhaps they'll be able to visit up here!  :)

Well, that's all.  I was just excited to share this exciting news!   John and I are both so looking forward to this trip, especially having never been to Florida and of course all that we will have the pleasure of seeing enroute!  That I will be meeting Ruth is certainly a great pleasure to be looking forward to in addition to all that the trip itself presents and with such lovely friends.
ONE WEEK!   Eeeeeeeeeee; in the words of another lovely I know!

You're already there.

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