Monday, May 2, 2011

U-Haul and Sleep and Save on parking!

Just this past weekend we had the pleasure of moving our youngest son from one apt. in Toronto to another and as in most instances once again returned to our favourite moving resource, U-Haul!   While waiting to hear for certain which day we would in fact begin the moving process; out of one unit and the following day into the other.  Once we had confirmed the move in day, we booked the U-Haul and proceeded to check on hotel availability!  
In checking online for hotels on Thursday evening, I found there was no available properties, but "hey" no panic, I'll look again Friday night after work.   Uh oh, same scenario Friday evening online and again told myself, no biggie, returning to the internet Saturday morning.  Nothing...and in making calls to a number of sites, including a few bed and breakfast, found nothing once again!   Still feeling somewhat confident we decided we wouldn't worry and check on accommodations once again following the first phase of the move-the move out!
We arrive at Oakwood shortly after 7 p.m and the Move Out begins!   The little apt. is emptied and looking somewhat sad, minus it's occupants and any sign of being "home" to any particular personalities.   The truck employed in carrying all of the apt.'s former items belonging to "personalities" is stuffed to the door with a very cute pair of sister hamsters taking up the last vacant square inchage; then covered carefully with a packing blanket to ensure their warmth.
Our son has evening plans downtown and will stay with friends, so we deliver him to his destination and travel on.  He has in fact inquired about our plans for bedding down for the night and we tell him not to worry we will find something and jokingly also add, if nothing else we will sleep in the truck.   Appalled  that we are even remotely entertaining that idea offers to pay for our accommodations.   I remind him he needs to get his "financial feet" under himself and not to worry about us, it isn't about our not having money for the stay, but it seems something is happening in town on this weekend and accommodations are scarce!  He goes forth into the evening.
"Something is happening in town..." and it hadn't dawned on us even with the crazy amount of coverage/publicity this event entailed that the Ultimate Fighting Championships were taking over the Rogers Centre in Toronto on this very night!   Locations we had looked up on line and shown booked, we decided to check in addition to others in person, but to no avail!   All hotels it seemed were booked indeed!
Well, life is one wonderful adventure after another...
So there we were!   Sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries and a trip into the nearest mall for the preparations to bed down for the night!   Selby St., just south of Bloor and between Sherbourne and Jarvis is a "mostly" quiet place to set up hotel in your vehicle!   ...more on this story tomorrow!
Stay tuned: city parking officials and student night life!

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