Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Perogy Has the Power!

It's sure been a long ol' winter and for the first time in thirty years of being married to "a Plowman" this is the first year I have actually outwardly felt some measure of despair in winter.  
I have always loved winter, love building snowmen, love making snowangels, joining the children in a gleeful dance of joy at the sight of big fluffy flakes falling in thick masses from a beautiful winter's eve sky!

Recently while preparing our dinner including a favourite little yummy in a pot full of perogies, I looked into the pot to target a scoopful of said yummies and there looking up at me, a sign, a measure of encouragement and assurance in knowing all will be well and spring is just on the horizon was a little sunshiny-like smiling face on one of the perogies.

Hope was restored and I couldn't help but smile back and then after sprinkling it with chopped green onion, a dollup of sour cream and a tiny sprinkle of real bacon sent that smiley serving of hope into my tummy!    I smiled from the inside out and knew I had the power within' to make it through the rest of the winter, no matter what it has in store!    Thank you little smilin' perogy!

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