Friday, October 14, 2016

What's the Prognosis? Dr. Who?

Filling out the form full of questions about my medical history, including "what is your ultrasound for", I hesitate.    I'm not completely sure what I'm there for.    Even going over the list of upcoming appointments I am a little unsure whether this ties into one of the other appt.'s or what!

Not long and I am just about finished filling out the questions and the Ultrasound Tech calls me in.    When she asks me my doctor's name I give her the name of my family doctor and she says, Oh, it's not Dr. F?  
"Oh, oh yes, from Peterborough.", I reply, "That's him, that's why I'm here!"!   We both laugh.   On the sheet I had written 'chest' where they ask what the ultrasound is for; another spot under observation. I followed "chest" with a question mark because I simply wasn't sure which follow-up this was!  This time last year I had gone under the knife for a benign tumour in my neck; Oct. 1st and this was THAT follow up before my next follow up appointment with the specialist!

Well now I know, July/August  and Oct. to Dec. I have enough Dr. visits to make ME question why I'm Here or there, when at other times I have felt certain the Dr.'s might be questioning my arrival, though they have assured me otherwise!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Mother's Daughter.

Tonight while visiting my parents, there was that moment when my Mom gently tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.   It stayed with me as I walked to my car.
That moment you (again) realize just how precious she is to you and you are to her.   I hope my own daughter realizes that's exactly how it is.   Daughters or sons, your dad or your mom.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Losing My Head

Sorting out the first item of intended business I then followed up with the second item on my intended agenda while at the pharmacy.   The second a little more complicated in sharing my confusion with regards to a received message from my doctor's office.   The pharmacist, very patient with me in trying to make all points understood and then make summary of where the problem lay.   I am grateful to have been understood, thank the pharmacist, tell her to take care and head for the parking lot.
She calls out, "Were you going to wait for that?", meaning the "first item of intended business".  
I turn and come back.

"Oh, yes, I am going to wait!", I say.
I prepare to sit and wait, then turn back once again, "Can you imagine if we actually had to remember to attach our heads?".  
We both laugh.   I think to myself, it's hard enough on a good day but; seriously, no laughing matter considering the "other" days!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dishing the Dirt!

Gardening for any length of time inevitably requires that I wash my feet afterward, you know...everything makes it's way through your shoes, socks and in between every toe!  Toe jam at it's best.

Undressing to take a shower, I undo the clasp on my bra and a dusting of dirt particles falls from inside said apparel.   I think, "Whoa, you might just be a hardcore gardner!"!   Well, in my own way of course and now you know what else I have to wash!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bra-vo!...or Not!

I don't think I've ever carried my cell phone in my bra; well perhaps once.   It just seems awkward and not very practical; especially if you are a furnace most of the time.   It's been pointed out that should you pack your phone there, you may incur damage due to sweating.   OK, honestly this past two weeks I haven't carried anything in my bra, not even the intended cargo. It's true, circumstances of recent have necessitated a more liberal approach to my wardrobe choices and I've been braless!

Today I worked hard at choosing what to wear, taking into consideration the heat I am carrying with the "medical affliction" and the HEAT I am producing via my other ongoing affliction and in considering the continuing saga that is the weather theme of Summer of 2016!   I finally settled on a dress I have enjoyed a few times and the upper styling is similar to that of the good ol' Swiss Chalet uniforms for the lucky lady servers back in the day!    Without a bra however it seems to create an obvious display of cleavage!   Not really me, but I have to be more concerned with comfort, especially when I am barely straying from the house.  That's settled!  I carry on with my day.  I am sorting through our music collection and realize I have some cassettes I haven't enjoyed in a very long time and head upstairs to fold laundry.

Our daughter pops in after work and gives me a once over and a smirk as she finds me upstairs  donning ear buds and singing my heart out to some tunes from my past glory days.    She says, "What's that?"
"Oh, " I say smiling back, "It's a walkman!"
"Um, don't you have an ipod you could use, or isn't there a clasp?" she replies.
"No clasp, it broke and I do, but I'm not sure where it is and today I found these old cassettes!".
She just looks at me and with almost a laugh and definitely smirking, she carries on.

I want to mention to her, ya' it's just like the cell phone thing!   I get it, sort of.   Either way, it's holstered!

When I return to "society" I will be holstering everything else once again!
BTW, I dont' really see menopause as an affliction, it just feels like it at times!   I beg for your understanding.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Cotton. Yes, that's what I want...sure.

    About mid August I find myself yearning for those beautiful, crisp, cool, just pop on a sweater glorious Autumn days in the greatest of ways!    You can well imagine my desire for such days is trifold this year, thanks to a very hot and humid summer and of course also brought to me by all the delights of a case of SHINGLES!

While still experiencing the pain of and of course ongoing hot flashes I remain somewhat uncomfortable and reporting back to work next week am seeking ways to be as comfortable as possible while cuddling and caring for my wee charges.  I had been on a prescribed seven day anti viral; Valacyclovir and it's done, but the pain isn't, though at this point seems fairly manageable.   With a desire to be engaged with my work, family and daily actions,  cotton' (apparel) will be just the ticket.  Heaven knows the pain at it's worst lends ones thoughts to (not to be messed around with) Oxycotin, saved for the delights of say, removal of wisdom teeth; our intro and only experience with said meds.  Something to be grateful for.

 Good health to you my friends!
(As I raise a glass of cool ice water having taken my extra strength Tylenol)

Take care.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shingles....the Non-roofing kind.

When something truly awful suddenly becomes the lesser of evils because you've experienced something of the unimaginable and survived it
Today I trodded off to the walk-in clinic.  Initially I had thought the pain I was feeling was from a less than stellar bra, rubbing me the wrong way, but even in changing for another, it made no difference, the pain continued.  One never really wants to be correct in making self diagnosis, especially when it is a most unpleasant diagnosis and today there was no feeling of triumph in being told, "Yes, it is Shingles!"!    Well, you may only feel good in knowing it isn't anything MORE serious.    Shingles, that thing you've heard so much about and generally respond with, "Wow, I hope I never get them!".    I got them.

Rest, meds and time will find me feeling better and while I'd like to think 'yay' I have them now so I'll be done with them, apparently you can get them again!    My own Mom has had them twice, so there we go.    It's only the very worst when I am falling asleep and waking up!  Oh well, when you're a little paranoid about a cancer recurrence, I can be, today I am thinking "So it's shingles...I'm still surviving the game!".

Friday, June 24, 2016

Picnic Party Poopin!

Having a discussion with Hubby about a picnic setting in our yard and realizing we have different visions.    I enlighten him with my visions and can't imagine he wouldn't have any number of visions himself; humouring myself of course.    I ask, "Well, don't you have visions to share with me?", to which he replies, "Nope.", he says, "I really haven't any visions, it's fine as is.".      I repeat mine and head inside.

When he is inside and joins me in the living room, I say, "You don't like my visions?", he replies in the fashion of just one of my favourite ridiculous shorts from Little Britain,  "Computer says Naaaaho.".

I'm giddy with picnic visions and Hubby, well, he's the equivalent "giddy" to Carol Beer!  Enjoy!

He's a cute fellow, but sometimes he's a little smartassy!

Backyard dreamy vs. Disneyland letdown!

Computer Says No — Travel Agent — [Disneyland]

Saturday, June 11, 2016


On any average day you may share with someone; at work, home, etc, "I'll be right back, I just have to use the lieu!", or perhaps you say you have to "pee", "use the powder room" or "go to the washroom"!

Has anyone else had someone reply with, "Sure, go for it!" and wonder then about the actual event that might be taking place when you get to the washroom?    "Go For It" has me wondering if I should have made the trip there a looooong time ago because perhaps I've been missing something.

Recently that very response afforded me played on my mind the rest of the day!    I have been imagining so many scenarios!    On one hand it could really have wound me up and had me crazy excited wondering what was in store for me, like some version of a surprise party?    

I imagine entering the washroom and hearing, "SURPRISE!", as ticker tape cascades down up me and everyone therein, like being announced the millionth happy customer to arrive! Is there an unspoken event happening that you may enter into and come out heralded a new and higher level of being?

It's not hard to imagine a sort of Olympic event with  challenging categories you may choose to rise to; or sit to!   How quickly and efficiently can you lock door, sit, go, roll paper, flush and then exit from your cubicle?     Is everything properly buttoned and zipped?   Imagine your delight in realizing you are wearing your pull-on pants!     The Hand wash category....with sharp eyed judges at the side line ensuring you wet, soap, scrub, rinse and dry properly and not use more than one sheet of paper to do so!    They then check your hands for dampness!    The latter could be a preschool event considering how often one checks to see that children have actually even had their hands near water in carrying out proper hygiene before meals and/or after toiletting!

Does the challenge of completing the task at hand mean getting past a Bathroom Bouncer like trying to  find your seat at a bar next to your friend already there, or feeling like an opponent on the field trying to make that touchdown and there's the whole team in front of you to keep it from happening?    There you are in great need only to burst into the "EVENT" and meet with an extensive lineup of desperadoes like you, willing to do just about anything to ensure quick entry to a stall!

Next time you have the NEED and share in letting others know, be prepared when they say, "GO FOR IT" and be enthusiast in responding.   Tell them, "I WILL, go for it." and that you're excited!     Let them know you're READY.    Give the thumbs up and reply, "I've been training for this!", or "Thanks for your confidence in me!" and embrace the event.   

A little Grammatical footnote:  In grade 3 I recall asking my teacher, "Can I go to the bathroom?", and she responded, "You may go to the washroom, I believe you are capable and can.  I don't feel there is time for you to go to the bathroom.".  You may want to clarify your true needs so there is no confusion as to just what your needs are.  :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Truly Friggin' Grateful!

When I'm having a less than stellar day, sometimes I can become cranky, perhaps a little whiny, and maybe even a little "ungrateful". I don't much like those days because it makes me feel a little ashamed of myself, disappointed and then some. Jan. 2015 I began a grateful jar. Even in my worst slump I can and should remain with a grateful heart when I see the number of entries I have in my jar only barely into the new year.

Yes, that grateful jar quickly reminds me just how much I have to be grateful for. When I feel cranky, needy, materialistic, I look to the jar and want to smack myself knowing just how good life really is most of the time!!! :) I refrain from the smacking but honestly have to shake my head at myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

That Spring Thing!

First morning of daylight savings and  I open my bleary eyes to gaze upon what I see through my bedroom window is a beautiful day!   There among the tall, strong trees that have remained through years of every kind of weather, tiny birds flit about.    My initial thought is that it looks to be butterflies as they dart back and forth in hurried and very tight close circles.   I realize quickly they are not butterflies; of course,  but two little nuthatches I believe.     They are darting about in such a fashion all I can think is that they must be 'twitterpated".
Spring is most certainly in the air.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Sunset for All of the World.

Every evening before a 7 p.m dinner hour, hubby and I strolled to the beach to take in the setting of the sun.    Seeking the perfect vantage point, we discovered we were not alone; neither physically nor in our desire to enjoy that most beautiful and simple common daily pleasure.

Taking a few pictures every few moments and feeling so satisfied in having captured the way the sun bathed everything in the most luxurious warm glow just before dipping below the horizon, we turn around also to take in the sight of sooo many others faces to the sun to witness those same beautiful moments.   There was a great silence across the expanse of beach and when the sun dipped out of sight, applause rose from the silence!

Far from home, among people representing many countries from around the world, many languages and many differences, you quickly discover and are not surprised to find out how alike we are and even if only for a few moments feel there is hope that the world can be a better place and we might 
even get along.


Wine For the Sake of Knowledge (Of course!)

What is this foodie phenomenon I keep hearing about?
I've heard from a couple of friends how amazing the combination of chips and wine is and so after a long time decided to make it my mission to try it; that combo!   It has come to pass, I did it this very weekend.  
In particular it has been stated that whatever wine was being enjoyed the chip brand was Miss Vicki's which I must concur with in knowing how much I enjoy Miss Vicki's for that amazing kettle cooked Crunch you just don't get with the "average" bag of potato chips.    Last night I enjoyed Kettle brand chips purchased at Metro; low sodium.  Hubby helped with the consumption.  My choice of wine was Grand Feudo/Reserva 2009; a combination of Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot grapes.   Yes, this is sounding lovely, so I think perhaps a "group" thingy could happen here; you know, like Book Club.  Maybe Crisps and Vines would be a name for this research group! Yes, research.   Which wine best suits which chips!   This knowledge could make or break ones start to the weekend.   The wrong combo could be devastating!

I did enjoy my first plunge into studying this concept and I imagine I will look further into this!  I still really find myself craving chocolate and maybe there's room to add a little "side" to this wine and chips pairing!

Well, CHEERS to more learning!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Don't Stop Daydreaming! ...A point to it all!

Early Sunday while doing dishes I began to daydream; nothing new.    This round of daydreaming was in imagining myself with my own Personal Photography business and how I greatly enjoy taking photos for families, but also pleasure I find in taking photos and those moments you capture sometimes without having had any expectations or agenda while out and about.

In thinking about those shots so pleasing to the heart AND the eye, I then began considering possible names for said business that are easy to remember and catchy too!  A couple of thoughts came to mind and I felt quite pleased with myself, that is until I said one particular catchy name over and over.  

...."Catch It".   Now repeat a few times and you will understand.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beat the Clock.... Don't mind the Pedestrian!

Coming along the 401 Highway, just about to exit coming from the west, and having noticed reduced speed signs, I slow down to 80 km; what one does at the exit, when this car speeds up and passes me on the left.    This car then returns to the right lane leading to the exit.  I think, "Wow, way to go Douche Bag, there's a reason for the reduced speed!".
He zooms onto the exit ramp and comes to an abrupt halt at the stop light.  the light changes and he charges from the gate and around the corner continuing in the right lane and I am close behind but move to the centre lane heading toward the next intersection.   This Dude is obviously trying to beat time but as he rushes up behind the car ahead of him and the light has turned green, he blows the horn!   Continuing forward I notice the car he is directing his assertion at has stopped to allow a pedestrian cross; with the light, before they complete their turn onto the street to the right.  I'm so relieved it wasn't THAT guy turning at the intersection because with his brand of driving that pedestrian wouldn't have had a chance!

P.S: Sorry for the "Douche Baggery" in my chosen words, but it's what I heard in my head!.

Chips! ... see, grab, stuff!

What is it about potato chips that makes you lose all control?  
Every time we have potato chips out I must work hard not to lose myself in the devouring of.    I have learned to use a small dessert bowl, add a few chips, eat and be done; having put the bag waaaaay back into it's corner in the cupboard.      Well, that is unless of course I am eating them in the company of someone who doesn't have the desire/need to be so disciplined and the bag is right there, looming, close at hand, but I shall remain strong!
Here is the confession though.... this disciplinary measure can very quickly fall by the wayside should I suddenly find myself alone for any measure of time, with the bag of chips.     I WILL seek out the remainder of that bag of chips and I WILL reach, grab and stuff as many chips as possible with one fist when there is no-one to witness said act.    Somehow that big fistful of chips crammed into my mouth all at once is a moment of great awe in the bursting melt of flavour it fills my mouth with.    That is also the very moment I fill with shame and disgust having realized I represent at that moment a complete lack of will power, not to mention any couth!

You're already there.

I LOVE YOU. You don't have to say I LOVE YOU to relay your love for someone.    If someone you are very close to , someone you've ...