Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dishing out a new direction! Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year.   I am using my good china every day now and while it would seem that was a New Year's resolution, it was not.  This may sound corny, but like Mary Poppin's can't ignore the "winds of change"!   ...Oh those winds have been stirring things up a lot this year and some changes have not been so good while others are rather refreshing and inspiring!
Back in the fall I simply had an epiphany and wondered why do I not use my china more, especially when it is stored in the bottom of the buffet and quite a chore to get out for those few special occasions?   That very moment I rearranged my kitchen cupboards, moved the corelle to storage in the basement and filled my cupboards with collected pieces to build on what was started from my Grandmother Rowden's dishes; divided among us, and a complete set from John's Grandmother Nevin.   I love them both and blend both sets at our table and they look great together.
I did keep a small few pieces of Corelle next to the microwave for heating purposes, but once the microwave is "toast" we will go back to a toaster oven.

Yes, events of the last year; health related, did influence my decision to use the china and enjoy it daily!   Cliche perhaps but it's true that we don't know what comes next so that was just one thing I felt I really wanted to change.   I am changed and now too are my cupboards!
Happy New Year to you and may it be a glorious one!

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