Friday, December 26, 2014

The "Tim Bits" of Life

I've recently heard rumblings about Tim Horton's in the rippling affects of the Burger King takeover of our beloved Canadian "Timmy's", that suggest they plan to discontinue the creation of Tim Bits; those yummy little donut holes welcome at any gathering and especially endeared by children everywhere!

Hoax or otherwise one just keeps hearing about it.   I wonder how many of you in fearing this true added "Tim Bits" to your Christmas wish list.  If it is true we will miss those little balls of dough, but if you're acquainted with other fine coffee shops that make donuts then you'll be o.k. .   It's well worth the drive to get the cadillac of donut holes at Dooher's in Campbellford, not to mention the other decadently tasty treats available; ordering ahead is recommended.

Doesn't this just seem symbolic of life and how all too often the little or especially lovely
 things we often take for granted suddenly disappear from our lives.  The sometimes cruel hand of change, like snatching a shiny new toy from an adoring child, comes along and "changes" everything. This year and of course over the years it seems any changes of that year are revisited as we gather with friends and family over the holidays.   Life is change but sometimes it's difficult to accept some of the changes, especially when it comes to the heart and all we have held dear in our lives.

What "Little Things" or "Lovelies" do you long for and perhaps are reminded of in sharing holiday memories?   Treats from a favourite general store; we used to rejoice in gathering pop bottles from the shed to cash in for penny candy such as marshmallow strawberries and bananas, licorice babies, and more!  Many are at this time of year sure to be reminiscing about grandparents, or your parents, siblings etc., be it a time together or something they did that was memorably amazing, humorous, or heartwarming.  In our family we are reminded of one particular Aunt and Uncle no longer with us, of Grandparents and many others not here to join us in our celebrations.

I wish you many more wonderful "little things" in life and hope you are surrounded by many "lovelies" you are making memories with!   

We only lived in Garden Hill for one year but there are so many great memories from there.   This photo taken on Christmas Eve at Garden Hill 1971.

About Those Little Pauses...and Just a Few Kind Words.

This woman looks to us and asks if we would like to move ahead of her just as the woman who just whisked past her had; in a hurry to place her order.   This kind woman; as told by her beautiful accent, is originally from Brazil and moved to Canada 13 years ago.  We're at Tim Horton's to purchase a couple of gift cards.   The "whisking" woman was ahead of us in line and looked to the other cash register when she realizes it is available to place her order.    The lovely woman with the accent had actually apologized as she suddenly realized she was perhaps taking longer than she should in the placing of her order.   She was traveling with her mother and young daughter; approx. 10 -12, and we were behind her.   We weren't in any hurry and then while waiting began to talk with her.    She and her family were heading to Ottawa to see the sights.
In speaking with each other she then tilted her head to one side, smiling and said to me, "You remind me very much of a friend of mine.", then turned to her daughter and without saying anything her daughter said, "I know who you mean!" and said a name but I didn't catch it and her mother agreed and they both smiled. She then said, "Sadly she isn't with us any longer, but oh you have the same smile, you're so like her, so sweet.".
In just a few moments, a little pause of sorts, a few kind words and patience afforded us the chance to make someones long and tiring road trip a little more bearable as well as adding additional travel conversation between them and a christmas memory.    Stress averted and kindness shared.  Something to learn from if we allow it to teach us.

Teenage Palpitations! ...And They Call it Puppy Love!

Well, one of those moments I have day dreamed about in my younger years has actually come to pass!   LOL, yes, it's true while I met and married the man I love who fills my heart there was another (young) man who made my heart swoon and whom I am certain I daydreamed of quite often as a (young) girl...Donny Osmond!    I recently met Donny and his beautiful sister Marie Osmond!   While a very brief few moments, it REALLY happened!  

It seemed a little surreal just viewing this dynamic duo from my seat as the Princes of Wales Theatre, as opposed to viewing them from the cozy comfort of my then living room at home way back in the 1970's on the new Sony Trinitron!    I owe the live experience to my In-Laws, who in seeking out a birthday gift for me back in October thought this was the ticket!    In presenting my gift my Mother-in-Law was rather concerned worrying the "ticket" may not be the thriller now it once would have been!   Well she needn't worry, though at first it didn't really seem possible or exciting because it just couldn't be, could it ...that I was going to SEE in person this gentleman who; he and all of his family, I crushed on so!   Initially I thought I would take my sister with me; also a fan, but when she felt she couldn't my darling Hubby jumped in; an evening out and a stay in the city.

The evening was fabulous!   They sure do put on a great show, both old and new material in the songs sang, photos and video shared and of course it was a Christmas show so helped get us into the spirit and oh the memories it brought back!    It was a little emotional too when finding yourself and all those around you singing along to the songs, word for word and with as much enthusiasm as you did as a young teen completely smitten with Donny (or Marie) and crushing hard!   Hubby was surprisingly enjoying it all as well; minus the "crushing" or word for word affect!   We both enjoyed it so much and the connection these two have with their audiences and make with their audience is so heartwarming.

Following the show we went 'round the corner to the backstage entrance; a little side street, where indeed the security fellow assured us they would be coming out and take a moment or two; thank heaven's to meet and greet everyone!    Hubby smiled and waited at the side of the building waving for me to go on ahead and not miss out!    I have to admit I was shaking slightly and the sometimes achy "old" feeling of my 50ish body instantly gave way to the dizzying internal feeling of being a teen at a much desired pop stars concert!    I look around me to see about 20 teens gathered; 40-60, immediately in the back stage corridor; not much room!  I notice two other teens, one actually about 19 and one in her 70's!   One fan in front of me began telling stories of seeing the Bay City Rollers and I caught myself excitedly responding with, "Exhibition Grounds!", she laughed and nodded and we both laughed in that we both were there and about almost falling from our seats in the stands; not made for standing on!    Another security fellow; working closely for Donny and Marie, steps up to the rail and in his most serious "security guy" face says, "We are going to be bringing them through very quickly and there are to be no photographs, you won't likely have time for autographs and they have a very tight schedule!"!

Oh I'm shaky and then....OMG, Donny emerges into the street and oh my that SMiLe there it ...there he is!   He's beautiful!   LOL, I am 9 years old again; that's when I sent them a photo of me playing the drums!    He touches hands, accepts booklets to sign and suddenly takes mine, "Merry Christmas Donny!", he looks right at me, "Merry Christmas", and in handing back my book touches my hand.   He has touched my hand, the "girl" next to me and I giggle and smile, a long awaited moment fulfilled!     Donny continues to his ride waiting and is quickly ushered to the care, but a young lady darts out AND gets a great selfie with him and then he is gone!   When I  suddenly feel the onset of (very strong) "JEALOUS", I remind myself what a lovely few moments I was just given.  I already have more than most to be so grateful for.
Marie comes out moments after Donny has left and she is so lovely; as beautiful as "Seen on TV" and in her personality!    She talks with everyone and I wish her a Merry Christmas and she returns the sentiment and then she is signing books, sharing photos from her cell phone and then she too is whisked away!    BIG Smiles as I go 'round the corner to return to my hubby and give him a big hug and he smiles back and says, "You won't want to wash that hand tonight will you!", and I say "No" and laugh.   Another great moment for 2014!   We take each others hand and head back to the hotel.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recognizing the songs your heart sings!

Songs are far more powerful than one can imagine...until of course it's power is realized in our being transformed to a time long past.  A Song/music  finds our emotions quickly brought to life and with those emotions a feeling you think you had outgrown.    Oh music how I love thee and thank you for not ever forgetting the delight song brings to ones heart, even when it has grown to a distant age!

You're already there.

I LOVE YOU. You don't have to say I LOVE YOU to relay your love for someone.    If someone you are very close to , someone you've ...