Monday, August 31, 2015

A Line on How to Be Grateful!

Just this evening, bringing yet another basket of laundry up the stairs from the basement, I catch myself sighing, thinking, "Man, laundry is right up there with taxes and death, another sure thing!"!
I note the thought has a tone of "complaint" in it and I feel just a little ashamed for that.

I head out the back door to the deck where the clothesline awaits.   About a quarter of the way into the basket of freshly laundered fabrics I find myself quite enjoying this task at hand.  Truth be told, somehow I usually find I do.   It's not such a bad thing at all.

The clothesline in the beginning, empty, an emptiness longing to be filled!  The basket filled with fresh,  dampened clothes and linens, about to become an exhibit, a long line of visual pleasantry.   A light breeze will only add to the visual pleasure of colour, shape and form of a very routine effort that suddenly takes on a very artistically fulfilling life.
The very thing that seems like drudgery, suddenly provides grateful inspiration in what it and what it bears becomes in putting paint to canvas or words to paper!   The clothesline, Family Represent in daily life, routines, love bestowed, gifts/luxuries taken for granted.

How lovely, lucky me for I have clothes to wear, linens for beds we sleep in,  AND a line to hang them on after washing them clean with water at my own home. Then for me to enjoy a few moments watching them flap gently on a breeze and  become so happily inspired by, I am incredibly grateful and now shall write with such gratefulness upon a slip of paper and deposit it into my grateful jar.

I will confess, I may find it harder to think this way when our winters are bearing down so harshly upon us and I will most likely turn to the luxury of the modern day dryer, which too may offer some inspiring effects worthy of artistic outcomes.   If nothing artistically profound I shall then revel in the luxury of instant warmth !

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