Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Sunset for All of the World.

Every evening before a 7 p.m dinner hour, hubby and I strolled to the beach to take in the setting of the sun.    Seeking the perfect vantage point, we discovered we were not alone; neither physically nor in our desire to enjoy that most beautiful and simple common daily pleasure.

Taking a few pictures every few moments and feeling so satisfied in having captured the way the sun bathed everything in the most luxurious warm glow just before dipping below the horizon, we turn around also to take in the sight of sooo many others faces to the sun to witness those same beautiful moments.   There was a great silence across the expanse of beach and when the sun dipped out of sight, applause rose from the silence!

Far from home, among people representing many countries from around the world, many languages and many differences, you quickly discover and are not surprised to find out how alike we are and even if only for a few moments feel there is hope that the world can be a better place and we might 
even get along.


Wine For the Sake of Knowledge (Of course!)

What is this foodie phenomenon I keep hearing about?
I've heard from a couple of friends how amazing the combination of chips and wine is and so after a long time decided to make it my mission to try it; that combo!   It has come to pass, I did it this very weekend.  
In particular it has been stated that whatever wine was being enjoyed the chip brand was Miss Vicki's which I must concur with in knowing how much I enjoy Miss Vicki's for that amazing kettle cooked Crunch you just don't get with the "average" bag of potato chips.    Last night I enjoyed Kettle brand chips purchased at Metro; low sodium.  Hubby helped with the consumption.  My choice of wine was Grand Feudo/Reserva 2009; a combination of Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot grapes.   Yes, this is sounding lovely, so I think perhaps a "group" thingy could happen here; you know, like Book Club.  Maybe Crisps and Vines would be a name for this research group! Yes, research.   Which wine best suits which chips!   This knowledge could make or break ones start to the weekend.   The wrong combo could be devastating!

I did enjoy my first plunge into studying this concept and I imagine I will look further into this!  I still really find myself craving chocolate and maybe there's room to add a little "side" to this wine and chips pairing!

Well, CHEERS to more learning!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Don't Stop Daydreaming! ...A point to it all!

Early Sunday while doing dishes I began to daydream; nothing new.    This round of daydreaming was in imagining myself with my own Personal Photography business and how I greatly enjoy taking photos for families, but also pleasure I find in taking photos and those moments you capture sometimes without having had any expectations or agenda while out and about.

In thinking about those shots so pleasing to the heart AND the eye, I then began considering possible names for said business that are easy to remember and catchy too!  A couple of thoughts came to mind and I felt quite pleased with myself, that is until I said one particular catchy name over and over.  

...."Catch It".   Now repeat a few times and you will understand.

You're already there.

I LOVE YOU. You don't have to say I LOVE YOU to relay your love for someone.    If someone you are very close to , someone you've ...