Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ills and the Ill of paranoia!

I lay in bed, nearly all the day with the exception of 15-20 minutes here and there.   I haven't felt "ill" without the influence of a specific reason in a very long time.

As a cancer survivor sometimes the greatest struggle is in not becoming paranoid with "common ills" or pain one feels.   When back in February I accidentally slammed my right thumb in a dresser drawer and it felt like the worst pain EVER, I couldn't appreciate in that moment how wonderful it was to know the exact reason for said pain and nausea.   Funny the things you come to appreciate after the BIG C!

Today not feeling well and not having full knowledge of why and feeling the "spaz" in me consider calling about to see what "ills" are rampant of recent, I know that unwelcomed "Paranoia" is knocking on my door again!    Just when I felt I was doing great, surging ahead with all manner of living and working on the "going forward" bit!    O.K, one day of mindful paranoia and suspicion of ills present isn't so bad....I'll just change gears, or at least hush them once the Daughter comes home.   I'll drive both of us nuts and perhaps hubby too otherwise!

If I were a stove I'd be very hot, because every burner has something cooking-even the back burners are full, with plans, commitment to projects, and just life in general!   I'll  be fine and hope that tomorrow I will feel much better...I have to!   That quick run to Oshawa didn't happen today.  There is much to do and I'm looking forward to all of it!

I'm just feeling blah, have stayed very close to the "facility" and absolutely can't stand feeling ill!   Down with ills!

Keep Calm and Go Forth Feeling Better!   ;)

Getting Carted. Not a typo!

"Carted" is correct, it is not meant to be "carded", which would be a very welcome thing at my age...perhaps a miracle!   I've only been 'carded' once in my life; that I can recall.   I had gone to the drive in with a friend, driving my parents car; Plymouth Volare, and we had to drive right out!   It was a restricted movie and I was too young.  Such a disappointment.   That's CARDED.

Many many years later and at a much different stage of life I am now speaking of being 'Carted'.  Allow me to explain.

Every trip to the grocery store it becomes clear to me that I DO in fact have some OCD issues, perhaps a couple but one in particular.

Groceries purchased and toddling off into the parking lot headed to my car and unloading all of the groceries once there.   Feeling great in knowing our pantry shelves and refridgerator will once again be fully stocked.  Just steps away from the "Cart Shelter", I gasp in the visual that lies ahead of me.   I just shake my head and enter therein.

Grocery carts in all manner of disarray and I just don't understand how this could be.   It takes only moments to put a cart beneath the shelter and to tuck it in nicely nested with other carts; like the very tidy and efficient design of a set of nesting tables.   Perfect!   They should be perfect and since they are not, I take it upon myself to make them so.   Very satisfying I think as I walk back to my car and drive home.    I am not opposed to walking to others cars and upon their having tucked their treasures into their vehicles, offer to take their cart for them, insuring it is properly stored for ease of retrieval by the next would be shopper.

There you have it folks, getting 'Carted' moi!  

Finally the job of my dreams.   If only I could convince the grocery stores they NEED me!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Going to Summer Camp...Words CANNOT express! ;)

Even my hubby has summer camp memories, though he tells me he didn't especially enjoy being there. My brother went to Quin-Mo-Lac and he didn't enjoy his time there so much either, but I am willing to bet things will be a little different for this camper, in the summer of 2014.  Growing up and as adults with children we have certainly had numerous 'camping' experiences and with other families and with the Scouting movement which were greatly enjoyed but the 'Summer Camp' per say was not a part of those memories.

I'm not speaking of some lucky or unfortunate kid I might know; depending on how one sees the impending opportunity, heading off to camp this summer,   I'm talking about ME, yes, that's right, me!!!   This summer for the first time ever in my life, I am going to summer camp and I am totally stoked for the experience!

Now aside from the usual, dorm lodging, swimming, campfires, etc., my experience is going to be quite different in comparison to ones typical camp stay!  My experience will include NO talking, and the use of ASL only in communication!   I can hardly believe it myself!!!

OH trust me when I say I HAVE thought about this a great deal!!!   When I began my two years of American Sign Language at Fleming College back in 2005 the existence of the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf, and opportunity to attend a week long ASL Immersion camp was presented to our class and it came up time and time again and I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to attend.   All the while thinking about it imagined how much fun it would be and the huge benefits it would provide in solidifying my training and confidence in using ASL.   I also thought WOW, that would make me very gifted in knowing how to 'Talk with my hands"!   I've heard the cracks about how I might die, not being able to talk...HA!, I say...nope, I would simply have to work at signing more!!    I be takin' the whole "gesturing" to a much higher level!!  

Most recently I completed my course in 'WeeHands", signing for babies and their parents and have begun presenting demo's for parents and their babies at the Ontario Early Years centres with the hopes of bringing interested parents to attend 4 weeks of classes with me in Signing and Singing for Babies-Signing and Singing at Home.   Over the summer I will be doing demo's as much as possible and putting the word out there in our communities aiming for a restart of classes in September!   Attending the ASL camp in Parry Sound will only work to strengthen and add to my skills as well as help me gain greater confidence in knowing I am doing what I should be!   Since I also enjoy singing I look forward to a more fluid skill level of signing that I can enjoy when singing as well.   There is nothing more beautiful than watching the fluid and poignant motion of song in ASL sign.   During our classes our instructor had a friend join us at Christmas and together they signed and sang Christmas hymns and our class was literally moved to tears in awe of just how beautiful it was.   I have a "Living List" wish to sing the national anthem at a public event and perhaps at some point should it happen I might also be able to sign it!!   I'm getting way ahead of myself but there it is, in print and if this is one of my "callings" I suppose it could come to pass!

Well, this is pretty wordy...true to my nature but I had to share how incredibly excited and Fortunate I am to be 'going to summer camp'...which also goes to show, it's never too late if you really want something!    I am presently loaded with a cold and feeling pretty rough, but you can't imagine how exciting it was to submit my camp application today!!!    I have posted my camp "have to haves" on the fridge like any kid stoked to be going to camp...even if it is three months from now!!!!

Sleeping bag...and perhaps duct tape already set aside!

You're already there.

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