Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Avoiding a traumatic Non-void! ...and the actual test day!!!!!

It's funny and perhaps a little odd that after everything I've been through the idea of a simple ultrasound scares me.   It's been a very long time since I had an ultrasound but that one never forgets that most uncomfortable and desperately urgent need to void having held it for some time, scares me more than my upcoming MRI...a procedure I have never experienced.

today I shall practice once this morning and once this afternoon the most efficient and least traumatizing method of consuming 3 eight ounce glasses of water by a decided time and then wait at least an hour before voiding.  I have a slight suspicion that I may cheat today, just because I can ...I'm at home and there will be no-one to keep record...but me.
I'll let you know how that goes.

...and now the results!   Um, well...I was getting ready to shower before Home Care's arrival and like a reflex sat down you know where without even a thought of my test procedure and FAIL!   I didn't do it again in the afternoon so now will simply go with the actual TEST duties today!   I'm not looking forward to it!   Funny how we know we delay void all the time, at work, when we get busy at home with cleaning, cooking, laundry, phone calls, etc., but then when TOLD we cannot void until said time, we have the hardest time doing the usual on someone else's terms!   Oh help me!

And onto the actual test...

Upon arriving at the hospital-even the walk from the parking lot was painful, I was able to register at the Diagnostics desk immediately! Immediately the woman there tells me, "Just a few moments while I finish this.", she's working on the computer. I remain calm and say "...certainly"., then look to my right and you guessed it, in plain sight a "washroom"! 
I sit wiggling, and woobling; up on my knees, and hum a very low quite nearly inaudibly hum.
Thankfully soon I am directed to the Womens Health Centre. I decide to remove my coat and proceed to sit; again wiggling and woobling! It isn't working for me so I proceed to shoes wet, they squeak with every step taken. Step, squeak, step, squeak, step, squeak, loop around, repeat.
The woman concealed behind the partition comes out, "Do you need to go to the washroom?", "yes" I reply, and wonder if she is joking or just mean? She then says, "You're here for an ultrasound!". 
Oh I think to myself she's so clever what a great guess, and I politely reply, "Yes, yes I am." She laughs out loud, "I could tell by the pattern of your steps!"! Oh what a hoot she is!
Up to this point I have been kegeling to beat the band!, and am tempted to completely forget myself and should "void" happen, it happens and "desk lady" is sure to stop laughing while I stand waiting in a state of panicked agony! Apparently she has worked here too long and has become desensitized to the urgency in the nature of this procedure. 
I am 25 minutes early for my appt. and even as the situation seems desperate a miracle presents itself and I am able to enter in to the chamber...'er ultrasound, within a few short minutes of being there. As much as I might like to have "let go" the actual Ultrasound Tech. nurse is such a pleasant young lady I can't imagine doing anything to bring undue trouble upon her day.
Lucky for "Desk Lady" and thanks to Kegels I was able to hold it, my Dear Lesley!


  1. lol,.... oh too funny!
    were you able to hold it?

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