Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shazam, There's an App for that!

It's not easy slipping into the very role you knew as your own parents the "older" parents.   I don't know when it happens but it does and all of a sudden you're the ones continually being taught "new school" and watching the children's body language when they are trying their best not to "sigh" with disbelief or some extent of tiredness in the teaching an old parent new tricks.    Sometimes though it must be very self assuring for them when we are in awe of what new tech skills and savvy they have!

Our beloved girl kindly set us up with Netflix with her own account and we are becoming more and more "into" it and have given up our cable connections here!   Recently while I watched one particular new favourite program and my daughter with me, a song played in the background of a scene before us.  
"Go back, rewind that!", she shouted out, "I want to know the name of that song, I'll Shazam it!".

"You'll what it?", I asked.

"I'll Shazam it!", she says as she points her PHONE at the television. Instantly I see a blue screen appear with a "swirling" action happening and then,  SHAZAM, a song title appears and she's as happy as can be!

"Cool!", I say.  

She agrees, "I know right!?" .    Right I think to myself.

In the words of Gomer Pyle, "SHAZAM"!   Who'da' thunk!?

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