Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sing your own song, or zip it!

Just this past Sunday I decided I would like to try out in the Rogers (Tennis) Cup 2010 Canadian Anthem Competition.   The procrastinator that I can be was fine with dilly dallying...making excuses why I wouldn't make the deadline, or couldn't possibly compare to anyone else already submitted, but the challenger in me; realizing my weakness, rose to the challenge and I finally picked a take and submitted!   Let's understand that I recorded myself singing the anthem about 30 -40 times...while my husband is certain it was well over 50 takes.
Once I went to the Rogers Cup page on facebook to view the many other auditions I was astounded to find some woman posting comments on a few of the participants efforts.   I know you're thinking, "So what's the big deal?"!   Well this particular woman didn't appear to have had the guts to post an audition but took no time at all to find the audacity to make very negative and blatantly rude comments about others!   Who the hell does she think she is?  Regardless of any one person's talent or lack thereof she certainly shouldn't be doing this!  No-one thrives on negativity.  I thought perhaps she was a professional singer, or music teacher/coach but even if she was she would know better than to comment in the manner she was. Her picture depicts a very smart professional looking woman...but we now know she is cut from a far less respectable cloth!    Apparently she decided to forgo "constructive" and went directly to "criticisms"!   A number of the submissions are young kids just starting out, imagine the feeling; well, I can, when they submitted and then saw themselves on the site singing their hearts out and with the hopes of having a chance to sing at a national event!
One of this woman's comments to a young lady, about 15...."Sorry you can't sing!"  ...so hmmm, it may have been interpreted in a few different tones/context:  "SORRY, you can't SING!", "Sorry you can't SING!" and possibly, "Sorry you CAN'T sing!"!   Unfortunately in this instance it just doesn't matter how the comment is meant, it just doesn't translate with any manner of tact or kind consideration!

Since the competition closed all/most auditions have been removed from the Rogers Cup Facebook Page, but you can access them to view!   Everyone of the participants deserves congratulations for having the guts to try out....I'm one and yes it was difficult to stop the "takes", especially knowing my husband was quite at his limit in having to hear it sung over and over, followed by the statement, "Just one more try!"!
People need to give credit where it's due and remember if you can't say anything nice, Keep it to yourself! 
Here's to everyone singing for the Cup! Good  Luck to All and especially Madison Mikolic!

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