Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York in the mix!

While I admit to being quite a home body, I do enjoy what travel experience I have had to this point in my life but there hasn't been a great deal in the last several years and I would like to change that!  While Ireland, Scotland and a revisit to some of our great destinations right here in Canada come to mind, I have had a desire building within me and it really isn't so very far from home!
I want to go to New York!...New York city!  I have been through the state numerous times during my youth, enroute to Ohio to visit my Aunt and Uncle, but never have I had the thrill and privilege of seeing New York, the big Apple, etc.!     New York just keeps popping seems everyone else is going or has been, this including two of my children!  My time has come!
Now being a procrastinator I need to get a few things in order.   First and foremost, my passport which expired Jan. 16, 1983...just a short while ago!  Yes, my last trip out of country; US. aside, and via flight was March 1978 to England on a school trip!
I need to continue to collect Air Miles and put a little mullah away for such a trip!   I might just get a wee bit selfish this New Year!   We've been doing our best to help the kids and before long at all our youngest will be leaving the nest and I think our time has almost come to spread our wings and see what adventures lie ahead for really, just for us!   Ooooo there's the selfish coming through see!!!

Well much remains to be seen but I'd like to see much!   I want to enjoy what we can and be glad of what we did rather than be saddened for what we never did!
Well, here's to standing in Time Square!  Cheers!!!!

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