Thursday, December 30, 2010

Audition Blues!

Recently I auditioned for an upcoming play...a musical.   While prepping and happily working with a vocal instructor, the one important piece I forgot about was that I had not auditioned in two years for any play; musical or otherwise.   I was prepared to be nervous, as in the past no matter how well I prepared I was also prepared for my nerves to simply take over!   Fortunately while this does in fact happen, I have been able to keep "nerves" in check to some degree as well and deliver a half decent audition piece!
Well without having spent those past two years attending various auditions regularly; just for the experience, I found I was not able to keep my nerves in check!   GAH, tiny insignificant weaknesses in my voice were joined by a number of hard NOT to notice squeaks and cracks in my voice!   I may as well have been a young boy struggling with the embarrassing and unpredicatable throes of puberty!  I was more than well aware as each misaligned note came awkwardly forth from my pipes!   While the efforts were there the quality was not.
I have now made a pact; with a fellow theatre goer, to attend as many auditions as possible, whether with intention to partake in the said show or not, but simply for the experience in doing auditions and building a greater confidence in taking on the challenge the stronghold  my nerves seem to have on my ability to "bring it" to the table; table lined with directors etc., watching, listening for the best of the best!
I've come a long way baby and I'm not about to let this "Theatre Thing" that has been within me for such a long time go back to just being a crazy idea gnawing away at my being  again, I've unleashed it and I want to let it fly!  I have it within me and it just waits to be let out in full force!

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