Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This I Vow!... from the play of lighted screens to a beautiful screening of lights!

The Man on the Moon...as seen August 18th/11

Last week my husband and I were both off for the week!  Yay holidays!   Having recently made note of our  rituals oft' taking place after dinner...no no, get your mind out of the gutter....I'm talking about the t.v and the computer, we took a vow for our holiday week.    He would not indulge in television shows and I would not be immersed in Facebook; or internet biways!  
It was a good week...quite enjoyable.   We had a couple of days of simply puttering about getting our "Honey Do" tasks complete and a couple of days of little road trips to points north and north east.  

On one particular evening the moon so bright for viewing, I indulged in our son's viewing scope on the tripod and spent a couple of hours looking to the sky!   A gorgeous evening and I found myself inspired to write as well!
Here are a couple sampling's from my time beneath the stars.

Sky Lit Ponderings
Here I sit upon my front porch step,
Previously at the hour locked focus on a brightly lit screen.
Awakedness slowly stolen 'til it's suddenly time for bed.
But not tonight, no screen before me,
but a nightscape of clouds and sky and stars and an orchestra of night sounds filling up my head.
Techno release.

He reads, I write.
With hours to while we fill the night.
Embracing words in mind, in pen.
So quiet, so much to hear.
Of books, his quest.
A silent light, thy time will test.
Busy hands release thoughts,
Mine eyes to focus barely listening.
A step outdoors, takes me in,
I look to wonder where have I been;
While night quiet I hear, too the beauty is loud.
How could I now retire to sleep.

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  1. I did not know you had this. What a wonderful find this night. Beautiful and inspiring words, Cathy. I am thinking we may be of one mind. And I am liking thus very much. :)


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