Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Of Words spoken...

Tonight my friend and I went to our first Poetry reading.  The focus of this evenings reading was with guest writer Joe Denham.   His words soaked into my being and took me away to where his writings grew from and I wrote a very short piece from that sense of having been taken on a journey to a place he wrote of but that I could see and feel with minds eye.

Lulled to what feels like dream filled sleep on wafting words.
Thy mind a destination
mapped by details spun from tales fed across seeing lips
That share in awe for this wondrous world that now lies before me.

We plan to attend a workshop soon as well.  Where once I was "afraid" for lack of a better word, as with a number of opportunities before, I will go forth and be confident, even in reading of our own words!

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