Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eew, Hair in the bathtub! Feb. 2013

If you've ever been the lucky one left to clear human hair from the tub drain, then you know just how disgustingly gross that is!  A tangle of hair covered in soapy slime is a sure fire recipe for gagging!

Recently my daughter asked if I'd mind helping her to clean her hair extensions and I was happy to!  Entering into the bathroom the view afforded me looked more like a scene from Disclosure with Demi Moores near final scene than "salon like" activity about to take place!
Hanging all along the edge of the bathtub long tresses of hair that could have belonged to someone submerged in the depths of the tub.   I've never been so thankful to know those tresses were extensions and not actually attached to a person's scalp.

Ashley had had her hair cut to just above her shoulders but within a couple of weeks was missing her former longer locks.  Her solution was easy then, just purchase some good quality extensions.

...And there I was, adding conditioner to each strand of extension, making sure every hair; which happens to be real hair, benefits from a full treatment.

First glance upon the task at hand sent shivers down my spine - a "hair raising" experience!  From here on of course it's just a "normal" grooming experience.
Hair's to that!

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