Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun, fun fun....the real kind please!

Here I am, it's March almost April and this whole adventure began just over a year ago!   The adventure, Melanoma!  Of course in the routine testing following two surgeries; SLN and SLND, there were also a Bone Scan, CT Scan, MRI and Pelvic ultrasounds.  

As if melanoma wasn't enough...the surgeries, the chemo and one year of self injections three nights a week; now eight months in, I've had some additional surprises challenge my strength even further!

You really don't know how strong you are until you are tested and presented with the choice to fight or lay down and let the obstacles rule!   No way am I willing to just lie down and these things rule me!

First the melanoma and after a number of months have become used to the routine of doctors appointments, various meds and yes the injections and their array of side effects!

Up next, just days following a follow up to a mammogram and ultrasound for skin changes in one breast, found a lump in the opposite breast.   Scaaaarrrry!   The lump was not one I really had to be certain was there when looking in the mirror it was visually very apparent.   An additional follow up to this is scheduled for June.

Add to all the fun of the above, the onslaught of a very unscheduled peri menopause event!   Fifteen days later the event stops; for now!!!!   I am sure some of what I am feeling these last few weeks has connection to that.   I am so weak and more tired than even the new usual tired from the effects of the Interferon!  Wow, if I could simply pick up a phone and call Mother Nature, I would be ranting like a,
a, well,  ....peri menopausal, stark raving, hormonal bitch!  What a sure fire way to have spoiled an evening out; first since October, not pleasant!   I had an appointment with my family doctor yes terday and it does seem this is the next stage in my post fifty adventure!  Yippee, one more unexpected twist to this crazy year I've had! Oh well I can only imagine how fantastic this next year is sure to be in light of everything I have already gone through!!!
Here's looking to "fun" adventures ahead!   Like REAL fun!

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