Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sing(in), Sing(in) a Song!

It has occurred to me that I DO love to sing!   I realize I AM NOT an extremely strong/talented vocalist but I'm afraid that won't stop me from continuing to sing!    While I have not been out to audition for a musical production now in five years, the desire to has not completely gone away and of course one needn't wait for such auditions to come along in order to enjoy the indulgence of simply singing for the sake of singing!  

More often than not I can sing a song in relation to just about any given situation while in the midst of the moment of; not unlike Mac Davis asking an audience member for a topic! I realize I have just aged myself!!  
Sometimes it's just silly fun, sometimes a song invoked by moments in a day or events happening, sometimes inspired by the company of a good friend, etc., just having fun and joining together in song!!!  Whatever the reason I hope you too find plenty of reason, or sing just for the sake of the joy it brings to you!   <3 p="">

While going through some old files of video found just a couple of "songs" and singable moments I have enjoyed in the past; either for fun or with an intention in the making of!

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