Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spilling the apple basket well worth the memories invoked!

Tipping the basket over and it's contents spilling out onto the deck, there in front of me I see three words that bring a flood of memories and of course a sudden imagined scent of freshly baked bread to my senses!

With my parents having sold their house and preparing to move soon, they have been sending many items home with each of us in knowing they are downsizing greatly.   A recent acquisition, their clothespin basket and it's contents!    On the surface it just seems like any other old 2 quart apple basket, but upon scanning over the ejected items I see three words staring back at me, "Happy Home Bakery"!    I can't believe it or the instantaneously imagined scent of freshly baked bread, cookies, etc.!

Wow, I feel as if I have suddenly been transported back to a long forgotten time, though will never forget going in there and seeing the delight on my children's faces when always from behind the display case there was a friendly voice to say, "Would you like a cookie today?"!  I haven't many of my own childhood memories there having grown up in the country and only popping in there on a rare occasion.

Remembering the bakery of course pulls me back to a time when we were just starting out, leaving high school, heading to college, my husband and I as a couple, the many other businesses locally which have since changed and you find yourself looking down the street trying to remember where they were and how it all looked and what they sold.    One little clothespin so many memories and another realization of how time transports us from one time to another and how much those memories  mean to us.  I am also now feeling a desire to bake cookies...oven is on!

Spilling the apple basket (cart) isn't always such a bad thing!

I'm curious to know what items guide you down memory lane and to what memories?

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