Sunday, February 15, 2015

His day, my day another day celebrated!

Today is our son's birthday and for that reason I am celebrating doubly!    Of course I'm excited to celebrate the amazing young man he has become, but I'm excited to be here to celebrate with him; as we did Friday night and will again tomorrow on family day!  That's right, celebrating that I AM HERE and that I am here to celebrate!

It's a day I will never forget for the blessing that the arrival of our son was and a day I can't forget 23 years after his arrival for the words that made me feel anything but blessed.    Hearing the "C" word...CANCER made my head spin, literally as I returned to my car that day in a dizzy, weak in the knees state of mind.
I am today 3 years post  cancer diagnosis.   It's been quite an adventure and while I may curse cancer's arrival to my life I may also be grateful for the focus, realizations and reflection it has brought to me!

I could go on and on but tonight I'm watching the SNL 40th Anniversary show and that alone makes me grateful ....all the years I watched it and that I am here watching it tonight!   No Way!   WAY!

In 2012 I had 122 blog entries, so on that note cancer certainly provided plenty for me to write about, the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY and the TRIUMPH in making it through it all.   Today I know of an Incredibly courageous, determined and inspirational young girl who celebrates the end of her chemotherapy and just keeps moving forward letting cancer know, she RULES!    To that beautiful young girl and to everyone fighting the fight, keep your chin up and celebrate every day!

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