Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Loo Loo Skip to the Loo....The Real Poop!

I've witnessed the "before" and heard so many variations including those who would quickly say it's "the worst thing Iv'e ever experienced", which even without having experienced questioned that summary, but it's relevant!  Mention the topic to anyone and you are sure to be gifted the "poop" of the scenario they themselves have "survived" or a second hand dramatization shared through via a friend or a "friend" of a friend of theirs!

Did you guess I am post colonoscopy?  First ever and the procedure itself, well, I have no recollection or sense of whatsoever!    Of course yes as expected I do recall and have some story to recollect when it comes to the preparation for said procedure.    I understand too that over just the last few years the details of the prep have changed somewhat as well.   When my husband was "prepping" for his, it was necessary to begin the dosing early in the afternoon the day before the procedure, but now it is requested that you begin at 7 P.M the evening before.    I have heard about the "jugs" of greatly unpleasantly thick liquid which one had previously had to chug back as per the "dosing", now it's like taking the orange supplement Emergen C, with a little more "fizz"!   The "dosing" even comes in a delightful little box-a sunny delight; which the pharmacy employee cashing me through recognized immediately!    While we joked about it and "the fun" I was in for, I'm not shaken.   

Another new "bonus" to the procedure at hand came up as the Anesthetist offered me the chance to see the final stage of the colonoscopy "LIVE" onscreen before me, if I should like!    I know I looked like a deer in the headlights and then asked him to repeat the option to me as I was a little stunned and amazed at what he had just said.    He repeated and I slowly but happily replied, "Sure, that's cool!" and a very short time later off we went. 
"Come on in Catherine", he says as we enter the surgical suite,  with the same welcome of ones invitation to "come on down" on the Price Is Right.
I don't feel nervous at all ...and next thing I know I hear my name again...
"Catherine, would you like a coffee or some juice...and the doctor is going to see you in just a minute."
I realize this is where they waken you and (try to) get you going and where I always want to keep sleeping.    Then I believe I did HEAR my doctor's voice and I THINK I did SEE him, but it's a little vague.  There is a paper to to say the same but I think it went like this....
"Catherine,  the colonoscopy went well and things look great.   There were no polyps and we'll see you in ten years."
Hubby is apparently retrieving and warming the car so I dress quickly and then am rolled away from the day surgery unit by a lovely hospital volunteer.

Honestly the whole experience was not so bad at all and certainly worth a very small amount of "inconvenience" in the end; no pun intended.   

*Footnote: Apparently I enjoyed the sedation greatly and I am sad to say I missed the "LIVE" Reality TV Like opportunity to watch the last stage of the procedure.   Sigh.  Maybe next time?


  1. Ha-Ha I love this!!! I had the procedure done a few years ago WITH my hubs---we scheduled our colonoscopies together! It made great fodder for a blog post and I even included the story in my book because is was such a funny and odd experience! Cheers to being polyp-free!

  2. LOL, just reading this again and your comment! I'll have to remember the Colonoscopy for Two next time we come due! I can only imagine how funny it is to wake up together following the procedure and try to understand each other in your state(s) of grogginess! Glasses up..."To Polyp Free!"! ;)


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