Sunday, April 26, 2015

That Little Ditty About Jack and Diane

It isn't summer, it's barely feeling like a spring day on this particular day, but somehow it works just as if it were a warm summer day.

When I hear just such a song I want to roll down the window, let my hair blow freely and sing like nobody is listening!
Thursday coming home from work rolling along the 401 that song streams from the car radio and it feels like a summer day many years ago and for a few short moments it feels like I am much younger.
That song is "Jack and Diane" which for some reason makes me think of summer.   In writing this post realize it may be much more than that.

This song doesn't perhaps JUST remind me of summer, but of the "spring" of my life.   Summer, the epitome of carefree, footloose, fun in the sun, friends, friendships, first loves and long lingering wonderful days.   It's feeling that sense of everything is amazing and wonderful and imagining all the wonderful to come...cruisin' carefree, an ice cold coca cola, warm rays on your face, a day at the beach, attending a great summer concert where and when it seems the world is at it's very best.

That little ditty sure has a lot of power in the joy of hearing it and while I am no longer in the spring of my years teetering on the late summer of, I do look forward to the summer ahead and more of the "summer" ahead!  Many wonderful things ahead of me and doing it all with many friends, making new friends, family and of course the love of my life!    Just around the corner yet another summer season, so jump in, roll on and crank those tunes!


  1. Isn't it funny how a song can take us way back into the past to the point where we remember exactly what we were doing at the time?

  2. SO many memories evoked by songs of the past! My Mom had even shared such a memory when I took her to see White Christmas last year! A lovely way to remember!


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