Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Into the tub....back to the 80's!

Last night following a, well, a very lazy day, somehow I really needed a long soak in an epsom infused bath!    It was a lazy day following a workout at physio for my shoulder.    I didn't touch my canvases, nor did I work at signs in the process of being produced, no house cleaning chores, nor writing blogs, updating manuscripts or ANYTHING!    I confess with some hesitation to having filled a day with ...coulda' shoulda' and just don't feel like it's!  

I hadn't intended such a lazy day or fully intended to have such a long soak in the tub, but remembered that I had this past weekend rediscovered the existence of my beloved sony walkman, which also held the much coveted Rick Springfield cassette; Working Class Dog, which necessitated a reacquaintance with both!

Oh Holy blissfulness!  It's equal to being led from a very busy city street, through a vacant alley, out into the quiet of a serene meadow.    I often have a difficult time with the attempt to indulge in a 'long soak' but this time, I let my hair down, put all thoughts aside; on average a gazillion "need to do" and of the household and daily routines nature.  
I found the meadow, right there in my the tub, through the retro reminiscence of sound waves travelling between ear buds in the form of great 80's vibes from heart throb Rick Springfield.  You can bet I will relish a day of hard work and accomplishments delved into simply just to justify another long soak while adorned by ear buds, walkman and retro tunes... and with Rick, so worth the wait!  Bring it!


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