Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let's Talk Dirty!

Talking dirty could mean so many things, like....talking dirty in things we say that our mother's might have scolded us for, been disappointed in us for and wondering where we could have heard such things, it could mean we're avid gardener's totally sharing tips on quality soil tips for growth, perhaps we are avid vermicomposters?    Well none of those apply.  It's a confessional here.

At a time when we are hearing so much about "clean eating", yes I am here to talk dirty.    How is it I have become so conscious of when I am bucking the "clean eating" idea and about to go "dirty"?

Recently the term "clean eating" ringing in my ears, I had what I could only refer to as a "Dirty Day" of eating.    I am not the best example of a "clean eater" by any stretch of the imagination but in being conscious of my food choices; good and bad, do try to eat healthy, "junk" less and hope in the long run I will be a better example of better eating, nutrition wise and maybe even benefit my long term health.

The day I speak of was off to a good start with a bagel, thin smear of cream cheese, one cup of yogurt, and grapes.    Even Grapes have come into question as I have heard them referred to as "the dirty fruit"!  I'm learning and the learning continues as I strive to do what's best for myself and hope to influence hubby too but there is much to take in and I want to be realistic too in what I will, will want to change and what I will stick to.    Breakfast not too bad and then there was the lunch hour and as I see the establishment ahead but keep my cravings to myself it is only about 40 minutes later Hubby voices his own craving and you guessed it, the very craving I have avoided speaking of!   I am delighted and feel less guilty about my own craving for KFC in his having shared his!    It hits!  Once a year I find myself so craving the Colonels recipe and with less and less of these establishments in existence the desperation  to satisfy said craving rises!

The KFC feeding frenzy always ends the same, feeling like I need to immediately "wipe down" afterward.    Entering in, think I should have donned a dark cloak, dark glasses and proceeded with an altered voice in attempting to shroud my shame, but it's all really goooooood!
The evening, when while sitting all cozy with Hubby, watching a movie he mentions chips and ....heaven help me, pop!    There has been a couple of bottles tucked away in the depths of the "cellar way" and chips tucked into the back of the cupboard in the kitchen.   These used to be a common site on a Friday or Saturday night but now are seen about very seldomly and when announced on this night, my resistance is low.   O.K in all honesty there is NO resistance.    Coca Cola and chips.   I don't any longer truly enjoy pop, but coca cola and original chips, I revert to the crazy chip dipping in the coke behaviours!   It's been quite a day.

The "Dirty Day" behind me I go forth with a renewed desire to eat healthy and hope to make much better choices but I know I will relapse, cheat (myself), and WANT what I know is just that; a WANT, as opposed to a need; licorice, chocolate, cookies, gummi bears, etc.!     Oh heaven help me!  There is hope, right?!   Le sigh.

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