Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scarred For Life and How sweet it is!

A NEW SCAR....I hear in my head just as though I was on Price Is Right!   It is sweet because it was a benign little tumour!   More surgery behind me, some soreness and uncomfortableness remains but really doing very well.    Being Thanks Giving weekend what I am thankful for is something I needn't even have to think about, it's just so right there in front of me and incredibly evident to me!  I will include the new scar in what I might be thankful for as it reminds me too.

I am ever so thankful for my family, all of them and even for their sometimes crazy ways, for good friends and always making more friends, food and shelter, my work, good medical care/doctors/ very much to be thankful for!

I know this scar will fade but my appreciation of all that it stands for never will!
Happy Thanks Giving everyone!    Let your heartfelt thanks shine through!   :)
P.S.: I'm not amazing, just thankful because this could have been so much worse!  This new scar really is nothing....though a great reminder of just another little bump in the road!    Now; once again I go forward!   :)

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