Friday, October 16, 2015

The Cold hard Ruthless COLD!!!!!

Why is it when you're feeling like things MIGHT JUST be getting back to normal, something like THE COLD comes along filling your head, throat and nose with utter misery?

I guess if I had truly been paying attention I might have noticed some small inkling of ill coming and about to take charge of my physical well being    Well, perhaps I didn't see it coming because we were watching over our daughter as she had very quickly become ill, a sinus infection and tonsillitis, but as of yesterday was feeling slightly better.   That she was beginning to feel better only makes sense that I should then begin to feel ill.   Oh well how long can it last?   Oh dangerous of me to have put that out there.

Well, all the ammunition lined up and working to eliminate, diminish, or at the very least numb the effects of feeling these ills.   I feel especially desperate after just recovering from recent surgery, which even yet has left my head and neck feeling quite compromised!    Oh woe is me.
Ruthless, cold, heartless and unfeeling cold!

Thy bedtime cometh much earlier this night.

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