Saturday, June 11, 2016


On any average day you may share with someone; at work, home, etc, "I'll be right back, I just have to use the lieu!", or perhaps you say you have to "pee", "use the powder room" or "go to the washroom"!

Has anyone else had someone reply with, "Sure, go for it!" and wonder then about the actual event that might be taking place when you get to the washroom?    "Go For It" has me wondering if I should have made the trip there a looooong time ago because perhaps I've been missing something.

Recently that very response afforded me played on my mind the rest of the day!    I have been imagining so many scenarios!    On one hand it could really have wound me up and had me crazy excited wondering what was in store for me, like some version of a surprise party?    

I imagine entering the washroom and hearing, "SURPRISE!", as ticker tape cascades down up me and everyone therein, like being announced the millionth happy customer to arrive! Is there an unspoken event happening that you may enter into and come out heralded a new and higher level of being?

It's not hard to imagine a sort of Olympic event with  challenging categories you may choose to rise to; or sit to!   How quickly and efficiently can you lock door, sit, go, roll paper, flush and then exit from your cubicle?     Is everything properly buttoned and zipped?   Imagine your delight in realizing you are wearing your pull-on pants!     The Hand wash category....with sharp eyed judges at the side line ensuring you wet, soap, scrub, rinse and dry properly and not use more than one sheet of paper to do so!    They then check your hands for dampness!    The latter could be a preschool event considering how often one checks to see that children have actually even had their hands near water in carrying out proper hygiene before meals and/or after toiletting!

Does the challenge of completing the task at hand mean getting past a Bathroom Bouncer like trying to  find your seat at a bar next to your friend already there, or feeling like an opponent on the field trying to make that touchdown and there's the whole team in front of you to keep it from happening?    There you are in great need only to burst into the "EVENT" and meet with an extensive lineup of desperadoes like you, willing to do just about anything to ensure quick entry to a stall!

Next time you have the NEED and share in letting others know, be prepared when they say, "GO FOR IT" and be enthusiast in responding.   Tell them, "I WILL, go for it." and that you're excited!     Let them know you're READY.    Give the thumbs up and reply, "I've been training for this!", or "Thanks for your confidence in me!" and embrace the event.   

A little Grammatical footnote:  In grade 3 I recall asking my teacher, "Can I go to the bathroom?", and she responded, "You may go to the washroom, I believe you are capable and can.  I don't feel there is time for you to go to the bathroom.".  You may want to clarify your true needs so there is no confusion as to just what your needs are.  :)

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