Monday, October 25, 2010

Some good ol' Reflection

I have posted a couple of old stories I had written some time ago.   These stories written in trying to capture some emotions I must surely have been feeling as one realizes how time can so quickly and cruelly steal moments away from you that you take for granted.
I find myself thinking, when did I last play Barbies with my daughter and then realized we hadn't played again?  When was the last time our children built a fort together in the woods and called us to take a look?   With the children all grown; our youngest 17, it's not just those events anymore, I get a little worried when I stop to wonder when I last swam in a lake or skated on a pond, or went on a long bike ride...I'm a little worried about growing old because I've forgotten how to play!  I did remember last winter to hop onto the toboggan and take a run down the big hill close to my house and I'm glad I did...what a great feeling and it takes me back to some great times at Gardenhill and Elizabethville!

What I have to realize and focus on is that there are many opportunities for such play even yet and not let any more time go by wondering but rather making these things happen.  Of course my 17 year old isn't going to be playing Barbies any time soon again but I'm sure going to get that bicycle out and take it for a spin before the snow flies and will dust off my skates and be sure to take a glide on the ice this winter...I don't want to let "age" steal my fun away ever, so a big raspberry to giving up and a thumbs up to more play time!

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