Sunday, July 31, 2011

In a Season's Embrace

Thunder is heard from afar, while the sky is bright with sunshine.   Little by little the shimmering white clouds are gently pushed aside and a deep chrome grey blankets the sky.

Upon venturing just beyond the front porch, barely can I ascertain that it is actually raining and while indeed it is only barely raining, I hear the sound of rain drops gently slipping from leaf to leaf as they fall upon the trees and below the lush green canopy!

Such a welcome sound both thunder and rain, if only briefly the heavy air enjoys some relief.   I breath it in and savour it's pleasure.  Hot heavy summer haze, be gone if only for a little spell!   Summer days and summer daze have their place in summer ways, but I can't deny my thoughts of Autumn, my desire for a crisp autumn day, made only better in the perfect comfort afforded by a favourite sweater!

I'll not be hasty in wishing the summer away when there is much yet to be enjoyed but I'll not forget what lies ahead in a painted landscape and in natures autumn fragrance.  Rain too will come then and we will be joyful in that is it's time.

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