Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Chickens and Hot summer daze!

I thought I'd take a little early evening stroll through the Arts tents tonight at the Waterfront Festival, but upon arrival at the park realized most exhibits; private vendors aside, were closed.   I had no idea what was playing at the bandshell so left the park as quickly as I came in.
John was home nursing a very bad ear infection so I decided to take a stroll through the downtown core on my way back to the car.   A beautiful summer's eve at hand I suddenly felt like a young carefree girl strolling the avenue.   Once I returned to my car and turned the radio on I was happy to find Randy Bachman on the CBC playing some great tunes...and that just set the tone for my drive home!   I completely forgot myself in the music while at the same time was more than aware of myself when at one of the stoplights in a moment of "free spiritedness"  I reached to the back of my head to release the hair clamp and quickly pull the hair elastic from my upturned pony tail and whilst turning my head from side to side, and tussling my hair loose with my fingers felt the essence of summer taking over me!  I could have driven for hours then with the play list rolling across the airwaves, a summer breeze and clear skies!   It could only have been better had I had company and many more hours of daylight!   I love a good drive and know there will be many this summer...well as long as gas doesn't get any crazier in cost, otherwise I'm looking into a couple of trips on the can't be too much worse in cost and I still get to enjoy lots of countryside!
Here's to feeling like a spring chicken thanks to sweet summer days, great music to cruise to and a youthful spirit(as once more I flip my locks and close my eyes in the imagined daze of a sweet summer day)!

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