Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Song to Sing...

I did it again!  Last night just before the end of the fire works in both Port Hope and Cobourg I hiked to the top of the nearby sand hill and sang O'Canada, as I almost always have for many years on Canada Day following the Great thundering finale to the fireworks display in both towns.
This year I carried a tea light in a clear plastic cup with me.   I think I should have others with me to experience this little tradition of mine.  I love that my voice is carried away from such a high point to be heard by who knows whom; hopefully in tune of some degree.  Last year unbeknownst to me there was a family parked at Ross St. and down on the playing field and when I finished they clapped and cheered.  This year there was absolutely no-one, but the satisfaction was as just!
I can't imagine how lovely it would sound to have at least a small chorus of people join me!   To this point the most eager co-participant I've had join me is one of our cats!

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