Friday, September 21, 2012

Every Day is a winding road, I get a little bit closer...the "c" word Day 218

Holy Autumn, we're about to enter into October!!!   I'm o.k with that, I love the fall and winter doesn't scare me either!   Love the cooler seasons!   This is premiere 'grab the camera, jump in the car let's go for a drive and maybe stop somewhere for a little treat and who knows where we'll end up' time of the year!   It kind of feels like a 'falling in love' all over every year, when while the crazy world goes on; as one sees/reads in the news, there is a beautiful world happening all around us that allows us to believe the very best and feel so wonderful in taking it all in!   I'm ready to 'stoke the fire'; even if it's only a little electric cast iron remake, make the hot chocolate and don a favourite slightly oversized cozy sweater and curl up next to my honey!   I'm not opposed to jumping into a very large pile of leaves or a walk in the aroma of an Autumn evening's crisp air.

At this point I begin to contemplate a return to work, but try not to let it be the focus of my daily thoughts because it kind of stresses me out a bit.    I did have visits with many of our centre families and staff this week for our annual trip event to the Burnham Family Farm Market and very much enjoyed seeing everyone!   It might have been just what I didn't know I needed.  Buying a little produce, including homemade fudge just added to how good I felt that morning!   I WAS only buying one block of fudge when the girl mentioned the buy two get one for free!   She didn't know how very aware of that deal I was and have been for a very long time AND have caved before!  I had thought I could get past the idea this time!  LOL, I should have known better!   I am happy to report I wrapped two of the blocks and have frozen them!  If my daughter should read my blogs she is sure to show up soon and I will happily send some away with her!  : )

I am two weeks into a new prescription for what began a year ago as indigestion/heartburn and now may be stress related.   I am hoping it subsides in the next two weeks or there is likely to be a 'scope' involved.    A scope...a scope, that just doesn't sound like any form of fun that I'd like to be a part of!!!!  I had contacted my Oncologists office and a nurse returned my call to say that my oncologist didn't feel it was related to my Interferon injections but I should get an appointment with my family doctor and have it checked.    I did and hence the prescription for Tecta, another form of the Panto prazole I was previously on, but with magnesium versus sodium this time.    What I experience is the sensation of very dire hunger, though there is a difference in that there isn't any growling of the stomach and it hurts much more and makes one feel ill.  It occurs even right after having eaten a meal and experiencing the sense of being full!   For one afternoon this week I thought it had gone only to have the effects return.  My doctor feels it is most likely stress related, in light of the treatments and everything I've been going through.  I hang on!

Today I drove to Oshawa.   Not a big deal but it's been some time; June, since I have driven myself that far....alone!   I was off to Lakeridge Health to pick up my next round of Interferon.  I was thrilled to use the handy dandy travel kit they give you for the medication, with it's own ice pack etc. and tucked in my constant companion water bottle!   Off I go!   I was happy to have additional tunes on cd in the car to occupy my thoughts and keep me singing!
After picking up my prescription I did as I had on my way into the hospital and scanned the cafeteria crowd for a friend of mine and her husband.    I briefly thought to myself that they could have been here much earlier or perhaps had much later appointments, and then ta-da there they were!   Her husband was facing my direction and waved!    I was pretty pleased with myself then that I had looked for them!    She is getting her treatment underway very soon.   We had a good visit as they had just finished lunch and I was packing a dutchie bun and chocolate milk from the Auxillary cafe!
While we chatted I took the opportunity to pay forward the very helpful information a friend of mine had thoughtfully shared with myself as my husband and I headed into such a very different chain of events one is never prepared for following my diagnosis and preparation for treatment.

Tomorrow it's off to Toronto to wish my son Chris well as he heads to Boston next week for the Boston Fashion Week where he is a featured designer; one of only two Canadians to be INVITED!   Pretty cool!   My sister will accompany me on the train and we'll have a little "girl" time and time with my son before he heads off!   We wish we were going to be there to cheer him on, but it's not possible at this time.    I know Chris is very thankful for the support he has received in ensuring he CAN go to Boston, but John and I have to express our thanks too, as we have been watching as this drew closer and closer to actually happening and wish to extend our very heartfelt appreciation in the generousity people have shown in helping make this dream opportunity actually happen!

Well that's a lot for you to read, but if you're still here, I thank you for listening and being here as as I rambled on!    I'm going to have a wee nip of fudge now; sounds like someone about to have a wee nip of booze doesn't it!?
Take care of each other!  <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp"> xo

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