Friday, September 21, 2012

Music to your Ears? Alfie-Cat is still deciding!

Watching a clip from X Factor that a friend had posted I thought I'd share this with you here-not quite so inspiring; setting, etc., but it was impromptu.  I do love to sing, at this point mostly around the house, in the shower and when in the car.   I need to brave up, I'm turning the big Five O' very soon and with things that have happened in the last several months, it's like a wake up call to do what you really want NOW!   Fear is likely the only thing holding me back, it's time to buck up and get past the fear!!!

This was a few months back and the second video I have shared but hidden away in the mass of youtube videos.   The first a practice run for a competition to sing at the Roger's Cup.   The video posted then saw my cat Alfie jump up on me while singing Oh Canada-which perhaps one day I shall sing at an event!?   It's on the 'B' list!
This time I thought I'd brave up and try singing another song and who should come along again, ...Alfie Cat!   I'm trying to decide whether he appreciates or does not appreciate it when I sing!?
I hope you find it at least somewhat pleasant and it doesn't hurt your ears!

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