Monday, September 3, 2012

the Quirks and Queries of Side Effects...Oh give me strength! the 'c' word Day 200

Querks, pains, twinges and a faux hunger like thing happening frequently.   I was actually thinking the whole side effects thing with the injections portion of the Interferon was going fairly well as such things go generally, though I admit to the odd day where with just the extensive exhaustion I have wondered if I would be able to make it through the now next ten months of this!

These last few days for whatever reason have been much more challenging.   I might feel a tad depressed as well, but maybe that in addition because of so much going on right now.  The little kit looks harmless enough, even almost 'friendly'.   My pen even more so in it's pretty pink shade. Pink represents 60 million individual units; each dose at 15 million.

I know even without the affects of the Interferon there are a number of ongoing strange and querky things happening which are ongoing affects from the Lymph node surgery.   Today I am experiencing; as I did yesterday, quite a bit of pain in my right armpit/breast area.  
I am consistently badgered by back pain which also extends to just above my abdomen below my ribs, it's not stabbing but a dull and annoying pain, that makes itself well known!
Following a meal and thinking I feel full; on far less portions than ever before, I can feel what resembles hunger pangs but is not, only minutes later!   This particular problem is very bad today. I'd gorge myself but I don't even have the appetite to attempt to fill the false sense of a void!
In addition to said fun stuff something is up with my throat!

It is not helping to know tonight is injection night and tomorrow will only be a compounding of effects from post injection and all that is already going on!
I will be calling the Oncologists office if this gets any worse or if needed get in to see my own doctor!

So, so tired!
One day I hope to feel like 'ME' again; whatever 'ME' was, even just for my husband's sake!



  1. i am praying you are you again very soon.

  2. I appreciate that just can't happen soon enough! : )


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