Monday, October 15, 2012

Officially 50 - and Ontario Health Care knows!

Yep, I'm officially 50!   I received a letter from Cancer Care Ontario today to remind me that once I reach 50 my risk for Colorectal Cancer rises!

It's o.k, I've had this discussion with my family doctor last year, she made a point of it after glancing down at my medical file.    Since so much has happened since then and I've been through a barrage of medical tests it hardly seems much to get worked up about.   My hubby has already had this test as he is just a tad ahead of me in birthdays and it really wasn't so bad.   I had him all set up and comfy for the pre-test preps and I think that is the hardest part!   That part starts out slowly and then of course everything changes very quickly...lots of 'urgent' trips to the lieu!   He was set up in the room closest to said location.   With only one lieu available, he was of course given priority in availability!
On one hand it's like crossing some kind of border into a new foreign land, hearing so much about it but not truly knowing just what to expect with this new MAGICAL land called "50".   On the other there is the thought that "Wow" I'm here and I think I should feel privileged, wise; in some degree, and it does in fact scare me a little because of course there is much reflection to be seen from here.   I think I'll grab the world by the 'hiny' and get what I can out of the next several years  even if it includes 'Age Privileged' medical testing in ensuring the extension of my physical existence!

Well, here's to turning 50 and receiving additional Birthday Wishes of sorts.   If you are going to be turning this magic number soon, keep this in mind.   For more information please go to: or call, toll free at 1-866-662-9233

Take care of yourself!

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