Monday, October 15, 2012

Wind swept meanderings...I'm under the influence!

This morning; late, just after getting up for the day and about to shower I peer out the bathroom window and see a woman in the parking lot at the Legion next door.    This is not so unusual as there is always someone walking a dog or setting up for some event there, etc., but she has no dog and I try to decide if her meandering is just that or she is under the influence; of something we all wish we had!
I couldn't help but feel a sense of mystery, intrigue and my imagination was spurred on!

There she was, all dressed in black, a black dress, black stockings and black, heeled shoes.  The bottom of the dress was of alternating lengths of long and short; like arranged handkerchiefs, which fluttered and waved so eloquently in the wind.    Walking onto the gravel road leaving the parking lot and leading up past our house, I noted she wore the large maroon shawl or scarf  draped around her shoulders.   She was raising it above her head and in circular motion then brought it down around herself and back onto her shoulders.   Such a dance, as the light fabric lifted and fell again gracefully and wildly.  Her steps looked a little awkward and I wondered if she was just enjoying a very slow "meander" or that she was as I said under the influence of one form or another and perhaps influenced by the wonderful winds that blow today.

I teetered on whether or not to step out and offer assistance but she was doing fine, just not completely convincing in the manner with which she took each step.   Her legs awkwardly criss crossed in very slow, almost sideways but still forward steps.  She might wonder if I was well had I given the opportunity for my being judged as well.   My hair not done, in my bath robe and not well put together at that point.

I thought about what it all meant.   Was she in a distraught state of mind and feeling completely depleted?   Was she preparing to bid someone near and dear farewell at a service later this morning.   Maybe I was even a little envious of the way she so free spiritedly moved and let herself be taken in by the wind and just letting go!   If she wasn't burdened with great sadness, maybe she was actually in a state of emotional relief and didn't care to be hurried any longer and simply in some form of blissful thought, caring less about everything.

Whatever her thoughts, state of being I hope she's alright and maybe the wind simply just inspired a sense of carefree.   That's what it's doing to me this morning, despite my knowing I have many tasks at hand and a couple of them involve being timely in their completion!   Oh well I am finishing lunch and then taking a few minutes; if not longer, to linger outdoors throwing my cares to the wind!  I can't wait and I must give thanks to the young woman's inspiration this morning.  I know we all get so caught up in our busy busy little worlds and need be reminded to just stop and smell the flowers, breath, dance, jump in a puddle, feel the wind, be a little carefree now and again!   Go on, let go!


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