Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hannibal and the Waxing!

Three weeks ago I mentioned needing to shave my legs; not that anyone sees them lately as I play somewhat of a hermit.    My daughter seemed almost excited to hear this and piped in that she could wax them.   "Great" I say, and then she adds I will need to continue growing the hair for another two weeks in order that we have a successful waxing!
I look at John and apologize, he laughs, I do as well.   We laugh at that point not knowing the terror that waxing brings to ones body.

I had been looking at John's eyebrows and as our daughter has pointed out on many occasion, yep they are quite unruly even for a man.   She plans to wax her father's brow's as  well.   The night she did my legs and was to do his brows, he went to bed before she arrived home. escape plan?  I think maybe!

The evening of the event would be a second of firsts for me that day as my daughter had also dyed my hair; first professional dye job for me, just as I was deciding maybe I was ready to let the gray reign.  She was my wake up call that morning and in my groggy state I hear her telling me to get out of bed because I need to be at the salon for a noon appointment.   That went well, completely painless and I was rather pleased with the fresh new look she afforded me, including a tiny trim to the bangs and hair at the nape of my neck.

...And so evening falls and it is WAX TIME!   The wax pot is plugged in just shortly before my "waxer" arrives home, tear strips at the ready and spread sticks awaiting their first glide over grizzly grounds.   My leg hair is pretty long!   Earlier in the week I attended Yoga for the first time in several weeks and any time the pose/stretch included the raising of the legs I cringed at the thought of my pant legs racing back down to my thighs exposing my "grizzly" legs, but was very fortunate in that I do believe the grizzly state of my leg hair held my pant legs in their appropriate place!
The first round...Wax spread like butter upon my shins and then the tear strip; aptly named, then applied and smoothed over the wax, and then OMG, HOLY HELL GOODBYE GRIZZLY, that SMARTS!!!
I don't remember how many strips it took to complete the first leg but you can be assured I was already thinking about that second leg and the fact that while being nearly finished the first leg gave me no comfort, knowing there was a whole other leg!!!
I suggested we take a break; I needed to catch my breath.   I'm not sure at this point which I find more frightening, watching the episode of Hannibal playing out before us on the tv screen, or considering the fright of another episode of "Hair on the tear".   I wonder too if while this is also tiring for my daughter, hmmm, does she enjoy the opportunity to induce a little pain in pay back for moments of wronged I may have inflicted upon her?
We soon continue on and while I don't know how long I will possess the teeth clenched, eyes shut and wincing face, well after the painful deed is done, I survived and I thank my daughter!   I thank her?

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