Monday, September 2, 2013

In the name of iMac....the "Apple" of everyone's eye!...apparently!

April 2013

If you ever wondered how to garner attention from complete strangers,  in the
form of compliments, praise, accolades, well I know just the way!

With our son's Mac Computer in hand and travelling via subway and city sidewalk, we headed to the Apple store for updates that had been requested via a letter from Apple.    The cool part too was our son had received notification for such via an email from Apple, while he was residing in South Korea for one year.    Our son then let us know of the notification and set up our appointment with Apple at the Eaton's Centre, Toronto, from his lap top in Namyangju, from half way across the world.

Carrying the 27" screen was a little cumbersome, but as we went along it didn't seem as bad as we were high fived, and given notable praise and instant friendly greetings by the world of fans of Apple!

It felt like we were a tv ad and it would have been a great one too!   For all anyone knew it could have been just the box itself and having realized that, thought, "HEY, maybe I'll come into the city with JUST the MAC BOX!"   and do a little social study!   It was a real "boost" for the ol' ego, everywhere we went we got noticed...or should I say the MAC did!

"HEY great choice of computer!"
"Wow, lucky new owners of a Mac!!"
"You're going to love your choice!"
"Hey you got a mac, you made the right decision!"

There was one high five given, many big smiles, numerous "thumbs up", and people who noticed as they passed by and then did a 360 turn to be sure to congratulate us on what appeared to be our new purchase!

   Mac; if it could talk,  John and I rather enjoyed the experience non-the-less, and it only gave me greater desire to go back to T.O or anywhere for that matter and do the FREE HUG and make document of reactions.    It made me think too about what we as a society will stop and take notice of and what we choose to ignore.   Where we will instantly involve ourselves with others and where we will go out of our way to avoid people.   Knowing what is valued over what often should be valued makes me sad, but I have to admit that knowing how easily people reached out to a perfect stranger; in a very small and while not so very meaningful way, made me feel there IS hope for us as people!!!!!!
: )

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