Monday, May 13, 2013


 A great big unexpected event happened in my life this past year, so why shouldn't it happen for the Leafs too, but a positive event!   Don't get me wrong as I have had some wonderful new events present themselves in having had the unexpected happen and so for the Leafs I wish for a really big positive event long overdue!

I've really been excited about the Leafs being in the playoffs - anything to be excited for the Leafs!
The only difficulty I am finding is that even with a much shorter hockey season and playoff season, it seems almost agonizing every time I think "this is it" and ask, " who do they play after this?"...and to this point John has always answered, "Boston".   I usually respond with, "AGAIN!".  I know I know, I'm slowly catching on...the best of 7, The BEST of SEVEN!

Well tonight we dawned our jerseys and I've been reminiscing about one of two games we ever attended a few years ago...who knows maybe the only two we will ever attend at the prices...the tickets were given to us.   Whether you like hockey or not, like many events, seeing it live is a pretty exciting experience in any case!   The game is entertaining but if the action is a little lack luster, there is always the sport of people watching...that never gets dull!!!

Well I'm off to bed with a happy heart knowing the leafs won tonight's game, but full of anxiety as well knowing tomorrow night if they don't win their final game against Boston, oh let's not even go there and ride the blue wave!!!!  I really really would love to see the Stanley Cup held high by the men in blue!  Yip, yip, yippee!
Go Leafs Go!

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