Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flashing....and I WISH at times I COULD take my clothes off!

Happy Birthday to ME, October 6th and no need to tell the year it all began because as I delve into this particular blog topic you will most certainly be able to guess within very good proximity my birth year!!

Not so very long ago, a short few weeks before my recent birthday I was busy doing this n' that about the house when I realized what an immensely sweaty state I was in.   Not unusual when one is bustling about, cleaning, organizing, up and down stairs, hanging laundry but somehow this seemed a taad more profuse measure of sweat.   My bangs were wet, the hair at the nape of my neck, very well dampened and I hadn't ever noticed this happening during the usual 'run' of household tasks.

I let it go and one afternoon while doing a couple of small tasks outdoors, found myself in same state once again.   Hmmm, it was a warmish day, but I was dressed in light clothing and it wasn't the humid kind of warm we had our share of earlier in the season, so ceased my activity outdoors and took a shower for the second time that day.
When this has happened repeatedly over the next couple of weeks and even on slightly cool days, I begin to wonder if, maybe, just maybe something evil is about!  By evil, yes I speak of the dreaded "hot flashes" due to menopause!!!!!   Oh dear heavens!!!   I thought certain that perhaps I was going to be one of those who while did experience some of the quirks of said condition I was going to skip on through without the annoyance; for self and spouse, of the inner inferno that presents itself outwardly with a flushed glistening of ones self.

Of recently; the last two weeks, I have had a very bad cold and when I openly pondered the presence of such warming/sweat inducing moments recurring, those I confided in reassured me it was just the cold.   Well, the cold is all but gone now and those "recurring moments" continue to recur.   I  am it seems most assuredly in the throws of HOT FLASHES; a.k.a peri menopause.
 Yes, yes, there is a tower fan at the side of my bed; three feet away, with remote less than a foot from my pillow!    Our truck has old school roll down windows and no air; it's amazing how quickly I can send those windows into a frenzy of full descent!     While accompanied in the other vehicle with Air conditioning, it's nice that on a warmer day the second party can quickly have their window down at the push of a button to warm up as I flip the switch to enjoy a nice cool blast of icy cold on my side.   Winter we'll play the reverse roles I imagine!
Oh ya', I'm HOT all right and while I can't reduce layers in public there is a new reason to be thankful for draperies and window blinds here at home!!!!  

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