Monday, October 28, 2013

So many Stories to tell.

This morning my day began with a visit to the vets with my sweet little buddy Dash; our Daschund/terrier 4 year old.   A routine visit for his annual rabies shot.   While there met a number of beautiful little friends including a fellow Daschund/Golden Retriever mix, she was so adorable!  She had a beautiful silken black coat, short legs and the face of a lab or retriever.   Many interesting breeds of dogs and then a little kitten, whose new friend had found him under their cottage while still very very young.  I chatted with the lady who accompanied Pumpkin, an adorable little orange/marmalade tabby who also happened to be a Polydactyl; cat with extra toes.   A real cutie.

In chatting with this lady she talked about bringing her kitten home and while that was a happy moment, sadly just days following she lost her other cat whom had been with them 17 years.   A bitter sweet time for her family.   She began speaking of the arrival of that cat at a time when her husband was going through a very difficult medical recovery and that cat became a source of great company and comfort for him and really helped pull him through.   She too had experienced some very difficult times and mentioned how much the cat had stayed with her all along.   Her story touched me and gave me thought for another project, or perhaps yes, a book.  I have many a story of beloved family critters, including Dash.
I do love to write and while I know I could use some guidelines or additional training in style and more accuracy in writing terms etc., I feel more and more compelled to write of "life" as I know it.
I can imagine myself sitting in Vet's offices, with permission of course, gathering stories of companions, life savers and rescues; of little critters and of humans.  Most of us get the bond that happens so very quickly with animals that come into our lives and to capture the heart in the many stories and the trust and love that grows between our pets and ourselves is such a wonderful chapter in our lives. The desire to capture such stories in this genre and of human interest, life stories just keeps getting stronger.

Another such idea has come to eat away at my mind after some time now.   This one may seem odd to some but to others will be completely understood.    I would very much like to speak with people who know of or sadly have been involved in creating roadside memorials.   Very recently I stopped to view one between Maple Grove and Courtice on hwy.#2.   I have passed by numerous times and admit to both curiousity and feeling sadness in the realization that what I am viewing is family and friends remembering and mourning the loss of a loved one.    Some see it as weird perhaps while others as myself understand it is just one way for many to deal with their loss and wanting that person to be remembered.   It's knowing there was a person, with a life and friends and they counted in so many ways in the lives of so many and you can't help but feel there is a fear of not remembering those passed and feeling the need to have a visual and physical remembrance.

I have one more project in mind and have acted upon it only this week but will tell you more later.   It too is in writing about something.   This I have done once before finding out the story about a long time display that surely has a very interesting background story.   One I have wondered about since I was very young.

Well the tales continue with every day.   For the last 20 months I've been sharing tales of my tango with cancer and always have tales of our critter friends and am thankful for the fodder available in living life!   Even in the worst of times trying to keep a sense of humour is helpful and writing about it allows many to share and realize we have much to relate with!   We're human!
Good night all.   :)   Sweet dreams!

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