Monday, November 25, 2013

Tell Me a Story.

Some people aren't as excited to share a story as perhaps some of us are to have a story to share.   I wrote a letter and dropped it off with great  hopefulness!   Not wanting to intrude on ones day trying to give them space and the chance to choose to reply.   Sadly that apparently isn't going to happen.
I honestly thought I'd hear from someone very shortly, but it wasn't meant to be I guess.

If anyone should know anything about the "little bear on the porch" on Toronto Rd. in Port Hope I'd love if any portion of the background that you might know might be shared.   Perhaps there is no story really, but I have noticed that little bear there for many many years.   Of very recent he has been removed.  He was not real of course but was always there, stretched up as though scratching his claws on the white porch post.  Perhaps the home has new occupants and they don't know his story and that is that.

Oh well.   There are many other stories out there just waiting to be told/heard.   If you have a story or know someone who would like to share a story of old, I'd love to capture that story and let it be told again.  I'm open to many stories but think how wonderful it would be too to start a collection of Christmas tales and aim for some form of sharing for the 2014 Christmas Season.
I keep a book in the bathroom here at home and have a second copy on my bookshelf, it is stories from "On the Farm" from across Canada and quickly takes me back to my very young years when my family lived on the farm north of Campbellcroft on Gilmour Rd. .  I know as years pass and we grow older memories from our days past come to the forefront of our minds during specific moments in our lives and during holiday, family gatherings.   While we know we can't truly relive them it is wonderful to have them captured in hearts and minds as well sometimes on paper and enjoy the reminiscence.

Happy story times!!!

UPDATE: The little Black Bear on said porch is back!   You can bet I will be stopping one day with the hopes of gathering another story to be shared!   I hope to share it right here!   :)

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