Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ceeeelebration anytime!

Early in December we joined friends of ours and headed to the Lowes Christmas Market in Toronto; Distillery District for an evening of fun!   One goal I had in mind was to indulge in the "Pig Candy's"  Belgian Chocolate dipped bacon on a stick!   I would need to wait a little while knowing that as we arrived at the market we would be sporting full tummies of yummy dishes from the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Our dinner at the Spaghetti Factory would be our third visit in 30 years!   The very first time I had the pleasure of dinner there was on my first trip to T.O with my now husband John and his parents after having dated for about a month.    The next visit to OSF was late this fall with our son Christopher who had never been.   He really enjoyed it and was grateful to be dining in such interesting surroundings and to hear our tale of our first visit there.   This most recent visit we were with long time friends from Scarborough and they too had not been in about 20 years.

We were seated way in the back where there were so many full tables; couples, families, groups, etc.!!   Our server was great, pleasant, friendly and giving attention to detail even while running to and fro with other tables to tend to.   Throughout our time seated and enjoying such a great meal, good conversation catching up with each other's goings on and updates about our kids, there were celebrations happening all around us.
Of course the Birthday celebrations were quite obvious with staff coming round to the celebrant's table and singing Happy Birthday and everyone including ourselves taking notice and joining in.   Walking back to our designated table one quickly realized just how very busy the restaurant was and as each "birthday" was celebrated just how much celebration people were doing on that particular evening.

There with our friends Gary and Judy we too are actually celebrating!   Neither of us is celebrating a birthday but certainly as we gather and spend the evening having so much fun together we are celebrating a long time friendship!   Who knows how many others both at the restaurant and at the Christmas market are celebrating too-celebrating family, friends, the coming of Christmas, birthdays, the city, LIVING(another year to see things never seen before)  ; ) !!    Life goes on no matter what happens and we certainly have our up and downs but mustn't deprive ourselves or forget to celebrate even the smallest of joys that come our way and friendship is certainly one of the biggest joys we are afforded.   It was wonderful to experience so much celebration happening in one place among such a diverse gathering of people and all in one single evening!!  
Judy and I found the Pig Candy Christmas booth and "OH YES WE DID" indulge in chocolate dipped bacon!!!   Chocolate dipped bacon?...Sooooooo bad, soooooo good!   Have bacon and fondue chocolate?...go ahead you know you want to!
In light of the year or two behind us and all we've been through we were excited to again step out to try something we had never done before.  Last year we walked through the Distillery District as they were setting up for the Christmas Market and made a pact to see it this Christmas season and now we have!
Well it's the New Year, we've rung in the new and bid Auld Lang Syne to the year now behind us, smooched and are now just watching a few of the various New Years celebrations highlights
Wishing you love, light of heart, the ability to see joy in the smallest of wonderful, friendship and good health!  Take care of yourself and know while to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world!   Happy New Year!

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