Monday, February 17, 2014

Turning the corner and making dust fly...this from Sunday!

  With things going pretty well and a new rhythm beginning to kick in I'm looking ahead while also looking back.

  Two years ago yesterday; Saturday, February 15th, I was diagnosed with cancer, Malignant Melanoma Stage 3.   The great part, I'M STILL HERE!   True that!   Sadly I'm all too aware of the many battles lost  to cancer and close to home.   The plan now is to take every day and enjoy as much as I can, with as many as I can, just in case; heaven forbid, cancer decides to rear it's ugly head again!   As ugly as it is, Hey, it's shown me so much and forced me to sit up and pay more everything, including what I do, what I need, what I want and what I CAN DO!

The day I was diagnosed, a Wednesday, I will never forget and certainly it is made more memorable because it was also my son Chris's birthday.   Well, it took time, tears and loads and loads of support, which includes lots of people to share laughs with, pee your pants laughs and so much more but I (we), made it!  I say 'we' because John, my hubby went through every bit of this right there with me.  He's been my rock, even when I'm sure he was every bit as much worried or scared, as I have been.
The tears, laughter, worries, wonders and quiet the livingroom here at home, at work, at the movies, etc., visits with some lovelies...very special lovelies with "words", words that eased my thoughts, gave me strength, or sometimes who were just there, quietly offering support as friends can, are what has helped to get to this point.  This is the point where I go, "HOLY, it's been two years already?".     It seems like yesterday we were heading into the first surgery AND it feels like a very long time ago all at the same time!!!

Yep, finished one year of treatment in July '13 and have been feeling better and better since!!!   In summary, I'm moving on because while no-one ever knows how much time one is given in Life, having had cancer kind of forces that realization in a very blunt, "Helloooo-oh, we REALLY do NOT know how much time we get!!!", kind of way!!!   Heading off in new directions, facing new challenges and working HARD to be FEARLESS, confident and EMBRACE what lies ahead and make the best of whatever is out there!   (*confidence)

Here's to kicking dust in the face of cancer and making it around the corner confidently!

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  1. Love it and so glad my special friend is still here. here's to many more years of giggles.


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