Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar...Northumberland Players Rock the Capitol!

Jesus Christ Superstar, Do you think you're what they say you are?....Powerful and incredibly creatively well done!   Oh, yes true, those aren't quite the lyrics but the latter my observation and strong opinion of last nights opening show of Jesus Christ Superstar, put on by the Northumberland Players!   If you haven't any plans the remainder of this weekend or perhaps for next weekend beginning Thursday evening, do plan to go see it!
You may purchase tickets by calling 905-885-1071 at the Capitol Theatre, Port Hope.  Tickets are $29 each and worth every cent; or five!!

I have had the great pleasure of working alongside and learning from many of the people involved in this production; last on stage 5 years ago, and was so very proud to be in the audience last night watching them and feeling like any proud parent would in watching their child at their school concert!   THIS 'concert' began waaaay back in September with auditions and coming together over many hours over many months of rehearsals three evenings a week until the week before in what is known as "Hell Week", named for the "hellish" rigor of sound checks, final set build with attention to every tiny detail, perfection of costumes, make up and every move and line spoken perfected during run after run of the entire show.  "Hell Week" means every evening until opening night; beginning the Sunday before.  That Sunday is known as move-in, which involves a very very long day beginning early in the afternoon and continues into the evening!

Even if you are of a similar mind as my eldest son who doesn't care so much for musicals but has actually sat through one knowing so if only to appreciate the great work that goes into the making of just such a show. It is in knowing in it's presentation before you there was a great collaboration and fusing of numerous creatively gifted individuals as a very strong team focused on the common goal of quality and memorable entertainment.   May you leave the theatre with a sense of wonder, in how various actions/outcomes were achieved, discussing the subject matter and your thoughts on such interpretations of and simply in acknowledging how much you have enjoyed this experience and with hopes of returning to take in an additional show in the future.

 I had a very moving experience in taking in Jesus Christ Superstar. I was and was not surprised in how emotional I was throughout last evenings show.   This production is a very moving piece at any rate considering the subject matter, but I do believe credit is greatly due to the Directors in the direction of the creativity in approaching a well told story with a brand new and present day freshness.

You really ought to see this.

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