Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mission Possible! Appointment, City Run, and a Spectacularly Powerful theatre production!

Yesterday was a very full day with appointments, last minute errands and  powerfully moving production by our very own Northumberland Players, with Jesus Christ Superstar!!!   What a day.

My morning appointment was my one more of my 6 month checkups with the surgeon; a lovely gentleman, who had performed the necessary surgeries in eradicating all evidence of the sneaky cancer that is melanoma.  That was March and then April of 2012.   I have just yesterday made mention of said appointment and the triumph of yet another clean bill of health.   I followed the appointment with meeting up with a lovely friend and fellow Melanoma Survivor for coffee and a catch up, which we enjoyed but both of us with a particular hour of departure in mind.

I was to work in the afternoon, however had received a message to let me know it would not be necessary in reporting for duty since numbers for the Infant care room necessitated two staff versus three.   I had almost left for work when I had a thought..."Hey, I should perhaps check phone messages before I leave!".  I am so happy to continue to have moments such as this that allow me to feel I am at the top of my game!  Sure, I tell myself!   At any rate was very happy for both Shari; the caller, to have thought to let me know in advance and myself for turning back to the telephone before my departure to my scheduled duties.   I love working with the little tots as well as the lovelies who are my co-workers there.

Returning the phone to it's rest place and thinking I would be wise in preparing a bit of snack before sitting down, it suddenly dawned on me that I was to call my daughter in the even I might have time to run to the city and retrieve needed supplies for the theatre production she is working with in doing the makeup for.

With the list of needs in hand and making sure the boys; Duke and Dash, were settled for the afternoon I headed off to the GO station.   I have to admit the adrenaline was beginning to surge!    Zipping along the 401 with the hopes of making the next immediately available train to Union Station I was pleased to have made it in time to catch a train already there and leaving very shortly!   The train ride afforded me time to read what I wanted to of the Toronto Star as well as the always present Metro publication available on the GO.  
Arriving in Toronto I quickly made my way up University, to Richmond, then John and finally McCaul St. to the most interesting shop Malabars!   Wow, costumes costumes and more costumes and very gratefully found they did indeed have the sacred jarsof "Fresh Scab" which was the intended most important treasure of the trip there.   While there I took it all in and was given permission to take a few photos in sharing the additional treasures available upon experiencing their intriguing and resourceful shop.
Treasures in hand I am on my way once again.   I make my way along to Queen St. and continue east while stopping here and there to take a photo or two.   At one point I see the gentleman in front of me standing mid intersection whilst head down checking his cell phone!   *GASP*!  While this is a lesser intersection, thankfully more lacking of constant vehicular traffic I was afraid for him.   Crossing the intersection and having had two more "rapid stepper's" pass said fellow and myself I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me...", he turned to face me and said,
"I'm sorry but you scared me back there!"
"Yes, I couldn't help but worry when you were part way across that intersection and looked down to check your phone and paused for several moments!".    "You might have been clipped by a car!".
"Oh that...I do that ALL the time!", he grins, "I'm sorry I scared you!"
"I just thought you might have been hurt...just stay safe.".
"Awe, I will.  Bye now!"
...and we both continued on our merry, safe way!

My next stop is at Complections; school of Makeup Artistry and Design.   I actually enter into their store, The Kryolan Store.  The have a partial order prepared for my daughter and I request another item which as it turns out they also had set aside for her.   Packages in hand I make my way along Lombard and head back to Union.   I call and leave a message for her confirming my Mission is complete; wishing the theme song from "Mission Impossible" was playing in the background.

Wow, the adrenaline continues to surge as I make my way  back down Yonge to Front/Union St..  Why is that STILL occuring?...because I need to get back to Port Hope in time to make it to the theatre with my daughter; the Makeup Artist, and my good friend in order that we are in time for the start of the evenings opening showing of Jesus Christ Superstar on stage at the Capitol Theatre by Northumberland Players!

An amazing day leaving me feeling very accomplished, very blessed, and incredibly inspired.  On that note I shall let you know more about the latter adrenaline pumping experience in the next blog entry!!!    Awesomesauce!!!!  ;)

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